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Posted on Jan 1st 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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With 2019 upon us, I propose a challenge to all my RFGeneration friends. Let's join forces to tackle the Nintendo Entertainment System licensed library in one year starting TODAY!! I think if all of us pool our combined knowledge, resources, collections, gaming skills, and support each other throughout the year, we can accomplish this lofty goal.


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Posted on Oct 15th 2011 at 11:58:22 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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After many hours spent not playing NES games, and tons of PMs volleyed back and forth with Bickman2k (who was also my first subscriber ever, horaay!) we were finally able to get some videos shrunk down and then uploaded to youtube. Currently I've got 9.5 games loaded onto the old tube, but I've got all the rest of the videos shrunk to a more managable size and will be able to get them uploaded aswell in the near future. I also learned to reduce the settings on my capture software so that the file will be much smaller from the get go and I wont have to mess around with it afterwards.

Even though I spent a lot of my free time messing around with the videos I did manage to get a bit of gaming time in, which I spent playing Double Dragon. After over a dozen attempts I kept inching closer and closer to the end, but wasnt able to finish any games on Wednesday. A couple hours more DD early on Thursday morning and I was barely able to squeak out a victory and save my lady friend. 

Tried some DDII afterwards and decided that, for now at least, the games are too time consuming for me to continue with. They are short, but unforgiving, No extra lives or continues makes them brutal games. So I've moved on to everyones favorite......

Contra!! Now instead of having to dodge invisible bullets, like I had to with Mega Man it was my bullets that would occasionally be gone. That wasnt a big deal, but when I got hit and respawned I wouldnt be able to see my character while he was invulnerable. Which meant I couldnt take advantage of that wonderful time very well. It ended up taking me a bit longer than I wanted, but I was able to get another win. Almost had a no continue victory, but screwed up right near the end.

What goes better with Contra than Super C? Nothing, thats what. So I had no choice, but to follow up some C with a little Super C. Was a little bit quicker than Contra, but still took longer than it should have to get my win. Had a fairly solid run though so nothing to complain about.

I was hoping to score the Contra Trifecta tonight with a Contra Force win also, but I only had a very short time left and when I was partway through stage 4 on my last attempt, my game froze. Should be able to knock it off early tomorrow though and I'll probably follow it up with some Contra-esque Power Blade action.

I'll try and get the hot Contra on Contra videos up soon, in addition to the rest of the Mega Man ones.

Thanks so much for all your help Adam!!

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