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Posted on Oct 10th 2011 at 12:13:19 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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3 more worked off the list tonight. I had a lot of trouble remember the order for the master robots on MM5 and just ended up beating 6 of them with my M Buster. Its a solid game, but probably my least favorite MM.

6 Does a few different things from the rest of the series that keeps me more interested. The music in both isnt up to par for the series though.

I had no blinking issues in either MM game, but whenever I got hit on Castlevania I'd lose sight of my character until he recovered. Wasnt a big deal since Simon is Invulnerable when he is flashing anyway.

Dracula was a pain, as usual, and definitely took the most time. Took a few attempts to overcome Death aswell, but didnt spend a whole lot of time anywhere else.

Heres tonights screens:

3rd day of Challenge = 10/100

Posted on Oct 9th 2011 at 11:38:32 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Now at the second day in and I have been able to cross 7 games off the list so far. Tonight Mega Man 2, 3 and 4 all fell to the might of my M Buster. I dont know if any other night of gaming could match this one though. Maybe I should have saved those 3 for a later date in case I get burnt out and need an extra push. Good tunes tonight too, some of my favorite on the NES. Most people know (and love) the music from Wily's stages from Mega Man 2. But I think the final Wily fight from 4 has my favorite song from the series. Its fantastic. Check it out if your not familiar.

Mega Man 2 gave me a lot more trouble than it should have. Unlike yesterdays "missing" bullet problem I had a case of "missing" Mega Man tonight. It only happened in two areas on the game. The first Wily Stage boss (big dragon). That wasnt to bad since he is super quick and easy, just had a couple accidental deaths since I didnt dodge at the correct time. The second spot was a lot more frustrating. The Wily Boss with that requires you use your Crash Bombs to blow away walls and turrets. That one was pretty close to impossible to beat without being able to see my character. Fortunately after several attempts he was clearly visible and I didnt have an issue. I tried messing around with the settings a bit, but it doesnt really give me to many options and none of them seemed relevant to the problem I was having.

Good news is that I didnt have any issues with the video on either of the other games.

Tomorrow I'll shoot for Mega Man 5 and 6. If time permits I'll be getting started on the Castlevania games afterwards also.

Here are tonight's screens:

2nd Day Completion Total = 7/100

Posted on Oct 8th 2011 at 11:48:58 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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First day of my challenge has officially started. To start things off right, I was able to beat all 3 Super Mario Bros games and had enough time left to defeat Dr. Wily once too! Just so that no one can call me a liar I decided to capture videos of each and every game I'm beating. I'll post screen shots of the ending screens on my blog here. The videos are really only for my own benefit, unless someone needs some additional proof of the game being finished.

I'm finding my playing is a lot sloppier when playing on the computer, as opposed to on a TV. The response feels pretty good (although there were a couple times when the video lagged for a few seconds and caused me to run down a pit or into an enemy) so it must just be a mental block or something. Hopefully I'll get used to it, because I should have had enough time for at least one more game in this sitting. I'm also finding that some things are not always showing up on the computer monitor. For example, ducking down in SMB 2 you normally flash after a while, the characters didnt flash and I just had to guess when they were charged for a super jump. Also Dr. Wily and a couple other bosses were even harder than normal because only some of their bullets were clearly visable and would often "blink" on and off the screen.

These arnt huge issues when playing games I'm familiar with, but when I get to uncharted territory its going to make things very difficult. Does this have something to do with the monitor being an LCD screen? Is there something I can do to remedy this issue?

Anyway here are tonights screen shots and tomorrow I'm looking forward to A LOT more Mega Man!!

Completed so far Oct.8th/2011 = 4/100

Posted on Apr 8th 2009 at 01:32:20 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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This list is only going to be top 5 for two reasons

1) There are barely over 10 options to choose from
2) Im feeling lazy today

So on with the list!!!!

5) Mega Man 5 - Super Arrow

From Mega Man 5 the Super Arrow is almost useless.... but at least they tried something kinda different. It is a lot fun to play around with and use to climb walls however.

4)Mega Man 3 - Rush Coil

The original Rush Coil, much like the original Rush Jet rocks all other versions. Its pretty simple. Jump on your dog and a big spring bounces you way higher than you can jump on your own. Some of the other versions get annoying when the dog bounces with you and stuff. I like it simple.

3) Mega Man 2 - Item 2

This little gem lets you shoot out a long beam that sticks around for a few seconds. This is to help Mega Man by letting him run across a long pit, avoid enemies that have limited range or climb to higher areas by using several small ones. While its not necessary to use this item to complete the game it damn well makes it alot more bearable.

2) Mega Man 3 - Rush Jet

You get to fully control the Jet unlike some of the later versions of the Rush Jet that propel you forward without choice. Not only is it incredibly handy for passing over challenging areas, but useful for fighting certain bosses, because it gives you the ability to hover in one spot temporarily and just unload your arm cannon into them.

1) Mega Man 6 - Rush Jet

This personally is the highlight of the whole game for me. Rush transforms into a huge backpack that attaches to Mega Man and give him is own Jet boosting abilities. Plus he looks so badass.

Sorry for the long delay if anyone was actually waiting for these. I went on vacation for one week and then we had the server change last week. This one kinda felt uninspired so I'll try to make it better next week.

Posted on Mar 21st 2009 at 03:23:54 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Im not in an overly productive mood this week so I'm going with an easy blog entry this time. Best Mega Man weapons. Im not going to include the Rush/Item upgrades because I feel they deserve their own spotlight at a later time.

10 - Charge Kick

This move is obtained from Charge Man (gasp) and seems like it does nothing at first. I played around trying to get something to happen, but it just seemed useless. I was mashing the fire button and jumping around like an idiot. Finally I decided to do a slide and like magic I had a powerful sliding attack. This move makes it onto the list because its got style, its fun and its very unique compared to a lot of the other weapons that just get rehashed over and over throughout the series. Its not all that useful, but who cares about that when your Charge Kicking Wave Man in the face.

9 - Top Spin

This is possibly the only other move that can be compared to the Charge Kick.  Its probably also the most powerful move in any Mega Man game when used on the right foe. Mega Man sticks out his arms and spins around..... yes, like a 3 year old. Its kinda scary to use at times because you have to get so close to your enemies and often take damage while inflicting it, but its satisfying to beat Shadow Man or the last boss with only 1 or 2 hits from the mighty Top Spin.

8 - Hyper Bomb

The Hyper Bomb is quite useless for many levels, but the times it does come in handy can't be emulated by any other weapons in the game. It really shines while traversing Dr. Wily's Fortress. Dropping you bomb down to clear out enemies instead of jumping down all guns blazing helps to save you alot of health during this fortress.

7 - Magnet Missle

This is probably the most fun weapon to use period. As long as you are facing the right direction you pretty much cant miss your target. The Magnet Missle shoots forward until it has an enemy either over top of it or below in and then dives (or rises?) straight for that target. Because of the lack of aim (or skill) require to use it you can just keep running through the level shooting away without a care in the world.

6 - Search Snake

This handy little weapon is pretty weak, but as long as you collect enough powerups to keep it full you'll be laughing. It shoots out a little tadpole (common they dont really look like snakes) that race across the ground and climbs up and around obstacles until it hits something or leaves the screen. Its very helpful when trying to conserve your life meter and hurting enemies from a distance.

5 - Leaf Shield

Another handy weapon when trying to conserve health, but this one is helpful in a lot more situations. It puts a protective barrier of leaves around Mega Man and can also be shoot forward as a projectile. Uses a pretty large amount of power to use, but as long as your picking up powerups it shouldnt be to much of a problem.

4 - Time Stopper

This move stops everything on the screen except your little blue man. Very useful in any level that has a difficult spot to overcome that is full of enemies. Just make sure to keep it full for Quickman, otherwise you'll be using some much needed E-cans.

3 - Gemini Laser

This weapon is a blast to use aswell. It shoots a thick laser beam straigh a head that bounces at an angle when it hits the wall. Very fun to use in tight areas and does a pretty decent amount of damage without breaking the power meter's bank.

2 - Metal Blade

I bet no one is surprised to see this weapon so high on the list. I mean common you can shoot in any direction including straight up. And it uses so little energy that you can use it as your main weapon and just forget about the Mega Buster in most cases.

1 - Pahroah Shot

This move only beats out the Metal Blade by a small amount. It has one great advantage, and that is the ability to charge it and then run with the charge. Nothing beats running around with a huge ball of energy over you head and simply jumping into enemies. This makes beating the last Wily fight possible in less than 10 minutes. Could you really imagine how long it would take to finish him off with regular shots from anything?? Thank God for the Pharoah Shot.

Hope you guys enjoyed this list. I'm going to be away from a computer for most of next week, because I'm taking my wife to Edmonton as a surprise birthday gift (I know, I'm the best). I will be back to work on Saturday so I may write up another one so that I dont miss a week, but I just may not get a chance. So if you don't see a new Top 10 Mega Man just be patient and I should have one the following week.

Anyway I was thinking of doing either Rush/Item upgrades or maybe my favorite Mega Tunes next time. What do you guys think??

Posted on Mar 13th 2009 at 02:06:19 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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This list will showcase my favorite Master Robot levels from Mega Man 1-6. I will do a later article for Wily's Fortress Levels as I feel they have a different feeling than these ones and therefor should be rated seperately.

Continue reading Top 10 Master Robot Stages

Posted on Mar 4th 2009 at 04:34:30 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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With 46 Master Robots to choose from it wasnt actually very difficult to narrow it down to 10. A lot of them are just rehashes of previous robots, really wierd or simply forgettable.

Anyway we'll start at 10 and work our way down.

Continue reading Top 10 Master Robots

Posted on Mar 3rd 2009 at 06:56:21 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Megaman, NES, Nintendo, Mega, Man, Sucks, Awesome, Mediocre

Over the next couple months I'll be taking a trip down memory lane. Those memories will include Robot Animals, Fat Bearded Scientists, Blocks Appearing out of nowhere (seriously), and Mega Busters.

Ill be trying to put up one Top 10/Bottom 10 (maybe 5 in some cases) per week. These lists will range from: Master Robots, Weapons, Levels, Music, Non-Master Robot Bosses, Wily Levels, Regular Enemies, Upgrades From Game to Game and anything else that pops into my head (or is suggested by you guys!!).

We'll start off with something easy and do Top 10 Master Robots. This should be up by the end of the week.

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