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Posted on Oct 9th 2011 at 11:38:32 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Now at the second day in and I have been able to cross 7 games off the list so far. Tonight Mega Man 2, 3 and 4 all fell to the might of my M Buster. I dont know if any other night of gaming could match this one though. Maybe I should have saved those 3 for a later date in case I get burnt out and need an extra push. Good tunes tonight too, some of my favorite on the NES. Most people know (and love) the music from Wily's stages from Mega Man 2. But I think the final Wily fight from 4 has my favorite song from the series. Its fantastic. Check it out if your not familiar.

Mega Man 2 gave me a lot more trouble than it should have. Unlike yesterdays "missing" bullet problem I had a case of "missing" Mega Man tonight. It only happened in two areas on the game. The first Wily Stage boss (big dragon). That wasnt to bad since he is super quick and easy, just had a couple accidental deaths since I didnt dodge at the correct time. The second spot was a lot more frustrating. The Wily Boss with that requires you use your Crash Bombs to blow away walls and turrets. That one was pretty close to impossible to beat without being able to see my character. Fortunately after several attempts he was clearly visible and I didnt have an issue. I tried messing around with the settings a bit, but it doesnt really give me to many options and none of them seemed relevant to the problem I was having.

Good news is that I didnt have any issues with the video on either of the other games.

Tomorrow I'll shoot for Mega Man 5 and 6. If time permits I'll be getting started on the Castlevania games afterwards also.

Here are tonight's screens:

2nd Day Completion Total = 7/100

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