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Posted on Jan 13th 2013 at 09:22:57 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Its been a few days since my last update so you might expect to see a lot of games in mentioned in this blog. Unfortunately there are only three to speak off. That wasn't because I was slacking though. They just ended up being much more time consuming that I had initially planned. I knew Wrecking Crew would let you "continue" as many times as you required, but I didn't anticipate how challenging some of the later phases would become. Many of the later phases took me 10-20 minutes to figure out each. And a few even more time than that. I think phase 80 gave me the most trouble and took me nearly 45 minutes to solve. It might sound like I'm complaining, but I loved it. Very fun little puzzle game and one of the best Black Box titles I've played yet. There is no ending screen so here is a shot of my finishing off the final phase.

Hatris is another one I thought would be much quicker than it was. Things definitely sped up as I got better at the game, but I thought it would be a very quick victory and I was a wrong. Again its not a bad little puzzler and definitely hit the spot.

Lastly, and one I'm quite proud of, is Time Lord. I've tried a few times over the last few years to beat Time Lord and kept getting stuck on the boss of the third level. I put Time Lord on my list for this challenge in order to pressure myself to really have at it. My first few attempts made it seem hopeless. Its a very challenging game. Luckily its fairly short though. After spending much of the last 3 days practising the game I was finally able to pull out a win tonight! Turns out the boss that gave me so much trouble before was the easiest one in the game though. It was kind of funny after the fact that I've spent so much time (probably around 12+ hours in the last couple days) and effort (dozens of failed attempts) on Time Lord and the final video ended up being like 20 minutes long. Its short, but definitely not sweet.

Had a bit of time left so I plugged in Gun Nac and had my mind blown!! Its a lot of fun!! Can't wait until I have more time to put into it!

And for those of you that enjoy Let's Play style videos check out my Dragon Fighter vid. I recruited Duke.Togo to help me commentate over the game play and I think it turned out quite well. Be especially critical of the audio in the comments. I'm learning the ropes and any feedback would be great. If you enjoy it be sure to also check out our commentary video for Legacy of the Wizard.

21 Games Down now and 13 days into the challenge. Even with the slow pace over the last few days I'm ahead of my target. Still hopeful!

2013 NES List

Sesame Street Countdown
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters
Shooting Range
Space Shuttle Project
Double Dare
Win, Lose or Draw
Whomp Em
Dragon Fighter
Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle
Family Feud
Tale Spin
Gun Smoke
Kiwi Kraze
10 Yard Fight
Tom & Jerry
Wrecking Crew
Time Lord

Future Plans - MORE GUN-NAC!!!! Also gonna check out some Orb 3D and maybe play some Wheel of Fortune if I feel in need of a break from either of those.

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