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Posted on Nov 28th 2010 at 05:23:25 AM by (cverz2)
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2010 Black Friday was really crazy this year.  As everyone knows stores were opening earlier than ever this year.  Well my wife talked me into going with her this year b/c her best friend is engaged now and went with her fiance. 

So I thought I would time line and post pics of some of the stuff we got.  I wasn't really planning on getting any games this year, but when your wife plays video games too, it is really hard to not buy games.

Anyway here it goes:

Thursday (Thanksgiving):
11:00pm - Walmart  135.00

The deals were supposed to start at 12:00 midnight, but people were getting rowdy and they started peeling the black plastic wrap off of the pallets and taking things out, so the employees took all of it off except the 5:00am electronics stuff.

We picked up:
God of War Collection PS3 - 10.00
Prince of Persia The forgotten sands PS3 - 10.00
Sonic and the Black Night Wii - 10.00

Independence Day Blu Ray 5.00
Ice Age Blu Ray 5.00
Blind Side DVD 5.00
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire DVD 7.99 (I think)

Along with some other random stuff for my wife and toys for kids.



Friday 12:40am:
Steak N' Shake  20.00

This was a BIG MISTAKE.  When we got there, there was one waitress, one cook, and a manager ( who was doing nothing ).  Besides us, there were only a few other tables taken.  But as we sat there waiting for our food, it was like the flood gates were opened and before we knew it the whole place was full.  Finally we got our food but had to wait for the check b/c the waitress was running all over the place.

Friday 1:45am:
Walgreens  5.00

Didn't really buy anything but a soda and some candy and looked around the store waisting time.  While we were there I remembered I forgot to get my Shop Vac from Walmart for 15.00. Soo we went to another Walmart.

Friday 2:00am:
Walmart (different location)  62.00

Bought my Shop Vac for 15.00 but somehow managed to spend 60.00 on other crap.

Friday 2:30ish am:
Toys R' Us

This was our biggest mistake of the night, it was soooo crowded and crazy we left before getting in the store.

Friday 3:15am:
Target 176.00

Stood in line for 45 minutes in the 23-25 degree weather with the wind blowing.

Wii Duel Remote Charge Station (Black): 20.00
Wii Fit Plus: 67.00
8 Gig SD card x 2: 14.99 each ( One for the Wii, the other for our camera )

Along with some other stuff.

Wii Fit Plus Front
Wii Duel Remote Charge Station

Friday 4:45am:

On our way to Best Buy and the police car in front of us turns his lights on and then stops in the middle of the road and starts to get out of his car.  ( We were like "What the heck is he doing" )

He walked out in front of his car and then we see him pulling a deer off the road that was still kicking and flopping.  He pulls his pistol and "POW"  shot him right in the head.   

Friday 5:00am:
Best Buy  115.00

We got there just when the line was going in so we didn't have to stand outside.  We had a hand full of stuff, but put most of it back b/c we were starting to run out of money.
We put back Cabela's Monster Deer Hunter, Universal Remote, Guitar Hero 2 - 80's Rock - Aerosmith, and a couple movies.

Babysitting Mama Wii 35.00
U-Draw Game Tablet w/ U-Draw Studio Wii 69.00
3 pack Wii game blank cases 2.50

UDraw Front

Friday 6:20am:
Game Stop 10.00

Man did they suck on deals.  All we got was a new charger for the GBA/DS b/c ours got damaged and didn't work anymore.

Friday 6:40am
Hardee's 10.00

Almost fell asleep in the drive thru. LOL

Friday 7:00am
Arrived home

Slept until 11:45

Friday 1:30pm

My wife gave blood

Friday 2:30pm
Book Store  45.00

Bought a few books for the kids

Friday 3:00pm

A few little things, I don't even remember how much we spent there.  Not much though.

Friday 4:00 pm>
HOME FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHEW What a Day.

Posted on Mar 21st 2010 at 08:32:20 PM by (cverz2)
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Well this is a little late, but better late than never huh.

So, 2009 was a very interesting year for me.  I finally got weekends off at work, so I thought that I would be going to alot of yard sales and flea markets.   But unfortunatly that was not the case, as my money was going to other things, and my weekends were spent on having quality time with my wife and kids.   So most of my finds were from craigslist.  And although I didn't have very many scores, most of them were quality scores.

My first score of the year was from Craigslist,  they had a bunch of gameboy and gba games for 3.00 a piece. So here is what I picked up.

Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3  $3.00 apiece

Super Mario Land 1, 2, 3 $3.00 apiece

Super Mario Advance 1 & 2 , Wario Land  $3.00 apiece

Castlevania & Frogger  $3.00 apiece

My second score was actually given to me for free.  He told me to keep what I needed and sell the rest on Ebay for him.  So I kept the CIB games, Controller, and system box. and sold the rest of it for him.


My third score was my best score ever.  A guy posted an ad on craigslist for boxed Nintendo games, he had 88 total games and I got 63 of them.  They were minty fresh and all CIB.   The first 10 I got for 5.00 a piece, the rest were 4.00 a piece.

Mint NES Score. $50.00

$40 CIB Nes games

$40 CIB NES Games

NES Score Minty 2

NES Score Minty

Minty Nes score

Minty Nes score 4 dollars a piece

My next few scores were OK.  Nothing too exciting.  Double Dragon (PC) was at goodwill for I think 3.00.    The three playstation games were 2.00 a piece.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge for PC

2.00 each

My next score came from craigslist, and I was extremely happy to get Chiller CIB.  I got these for 3.00 a piece.

Chiller, Laser Invasion 3.00 each

The next score came from a church rummage sale.  Sealed for 3.00 I think.

Roger Clemens MVP Baseball Sealed

Next was my birthday presents from my wife and 2 toddlers.

Birthday gifts  FREE

My next score came from a pawnshop that I used to frequent.  But don't really go to that part of the metro area anymore.  I think I paid 10.00 total for all three.

Swamp Thing NES, Where's Waldo NES,  FF Tatics  Pawn shop 10.00

Next was a purchase from Tynstar here on RFGeneration.

Duck Hunt, Golf

Gyromite, Pro Wrestling

And last but not least another craigslist ad for a total of 15.00.   I drove late at night into the middle of nowhere to get this lot but it was worth the drive just for the Adventure Island 3 CIB.


So like the title said, It was a SLOW but QUALITY or PRODUCTIVE year.  I doubled my CIB NES collection in one year.

2010 has started even slower but I believe I will be hitting more yard sales this year.

Posted on Oct 29th 2009 at 02:07:01 AM by (cverz2)
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So I went to my parents house to get all my stuff out of their attic.  I finally have space to put all my cards, star wars toys, etc.

I couldn't believe what I saw. 






I completely forgot that my brother and I had this when we were kids.  We used it to store all our games, controllers, R.O.B, etc.  Unfortunately all that stuff wasn't in there, Just a bunch of worthless basketball cards.

It is in pretty good shape.  The top has some bubbling.  The metal has a little rust.  But the inside is excellent, and overall it is very good.

Posted on May 3rd 2009 at 10:14:40 PM by (cverz2)
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Hello, and thanks for all the comments on Part 1, 2, and 3.

I contacted the guy again, about a week later, and still no one else had bought any.

So I went back to his house and I bought all that he had left except for 6 games that I already had CIB.

This was my final trip to his house, 63 CIB NES games in all. Most of them so Minty Fresh you could brush your teeth with them. Smiley

Thanks again everyone for the comments on my 3 previous blogs. I have never made a blog before, so this was all new to me.

Posted on Apr 26th 2009 at 12:56:36 AM by (cverz2)
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Hello, and thanks for all the comments on Part 1, and 2.

I contacted the guy again, about a week later, and still no one else had bought any.

So I went back to his house and this is what I picked up in my third lot.

Most of these are near mint condition. The only flaw is the bottom right corner of Shadowgate box is dented.

Posted on Apr 10th 2009 at 06:46:21 PM by (cverz2)
Posted under Nintendo , NES, CIB, Craigslist

Hello, and thanks for all the comments on Part 1.  I don't have as many detail pics on these b/c there are more games in this lot and I didn't want it to be too long.

Anyway,  I contacted the guy I bought the first lot from, about a week later,  and asked him if he had any left b/c I had more money. He told me the second person only bought 25 games and that he would sell me what ever I wanted for only 4.00 a piece.

So I went back to his house and this is what I picked up in my second lot.

8 Eyes, After Burner, Air Fortress, Air Wolf, Baseball, The Black Bass, Dr. Chaos, Gauntlet 1 & 2, Ghostbuster, Ikari Warriors, The Immortal, Indiana Jones, Legacy of the Wizard, Pictionary, Pinball, Pinball Quest, Super Sprint, Tiger Heli, Total Recall

So that was my second score, 20 games and 31 total from this guy on Craigslist.  Stay tuned as I have 32 more games to show.

Posted on Apr 4th 2009 at 10:40:59 PM by (cverz2)
Posted under Nintendo, CIB, NES, Craigslist

This has been a long time coming, but here we go.  This will be Part 1 of my blogs on this find.  I didn't want to make really long so I am breaking it up into smaller parts.
Sorry for how long it is.

Sometime in Feb. I answered an add on Craigslist for Nintendo games.  He had I think like 88 CIB Nintendo games. I was really strapped for cash but I had to go look at them and see.  So I answered his ad.  And he told me I could come and look them over first since I was the first to Email him.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I showed up at his house and I was staring at 88 CIB Mostly Minty Fresh Nintendo games.

He wanted $5.00 a game.  I only had $50.00 on me so I could only buy 10 games. Although he told me if I bought 10 games he would through one in for free.

So here is what I picked out.  Final Fantasy, Ultima: Exodus, Ultima: Avatar, Popeye, Shinobi, Shortorder:Eggsplode, Three Stooges, Adventure Island II, Dungeon Magic, and Gremlins 2.  And he gave me Willow.

Here are a few pictures of the first set of games I got. I took some different angles so that you could see the condition of the games.

The maps for the Final Fantasy and others I couldn't even get them to lay flat b/c they were so crisp.

This 84 page manual had been used. I guess this is one game he played a few times.

Stay tuned b/c that was only 11 of the 63 games that I bought from this guy. I got 52 more to show you as I went back 3 more times.

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