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Posted on Nov 1st 2011 at 06:54:28 PM by (diedraneous)
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A quick blurb today reflecting on my Halloween - this Halloween, I learned a valuable lesson...real life physics are not always like game physics...

Let me start at the beginning. Halloween we had a movie viewing party, so, in the early afternoon my roommate and I went shopping for Halloween goodies at local stores. The local Spirit Halloween store was a bust, so we decided to go to Joanns to see if they had anything good. We found some good things, then went to leave.
Someone had so kindly decided to part their F250 truck next to us, in our spot! I could not back out without scraping the side of their car (and my husband's car at the same time). I decided to drive forward since there was no one in the spot ahead of me - but there was one major malfunction - both my roommate and I had forgotten about the parking stall concrete barrier in front of us. I went right over the first one (there were two - one for each side). I could not get back off the first one (darn you front wheel drive). So, we decided the best course of action was to go over the second one. Worked like a charm for the front wheels....the back wheels got caught on the first barrier...I had to give up and call my husband for help and he pushed while I hit the gas. This worked for the first barrier, but not the second. He got in while my roommate pushed and was able to gun it over the second one - success! The car was free...
However, I am reminded, oddly enough of the Ghostbusters video game - the second one on the NES. If only my husband's car could hop like the Ecto1!!!

Lesson learned.

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...oh, umm...that video blog on the front page with everyone dancing...yeah, I didn't post that.
*run away*
Next car upgrades: Ecto-1 hydraulics and Carmageddon spring weapon
@bickman2k: I like you way of thinking! :p
Did you at least key the F-250? Sugar in the gas tank? I remember Capt Nintendo here on the boards kicked in the door of a car that parked to close to his old ride.
Not at this instance, but last time someone parked too close to her Mustang, I dented their door and scratched up their bumper in an effort to get into the driver's side. Next morning, found the car parked half a parking lot away from the Mustang. Haven't seen the car park anywhere close since.
@Shadow Kisuragi: Well...at least this time is was the Acura and not the Mustang - the poor Mustang would not have survived that - at least not well...

The local Spirit Halloween store was a bust

I'll bet it woulda been a different scenario if you went to the Spirit store my best friend worked at. He'd have given ya the hook-up if I told him the situation.

Or completely ruin the thing just to spite me.

Either way, it woulda been interesting.

Eh, mebbe next year...

@Zagnorch: Lol...would have been a good time either way! Smiley

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