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Posted on Nov 15th 2011 at 08:42:10 PM by (diedraneous)
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The X-box brand turns 10 today! Hard to believe that it was 10 years ago that Microsoft made the plunge into the video game console market (competing with the Playstation 2 and the Dreamcast at the time). Thank you Microsoft for 10 great years of the X-box - here's to 10 more!

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Happy Birthday Xbox.  Looking forward to many more years of entertainment.
@Ghost Soldier: Here! Here! Smiley
I was some dissapointed when I seen what Microsoft put on sale to show their appreciation as well...I mean Come on on Uno and Halo 3! You a**holes, have a real sale, this is your big anniversary sale? I have seen better sales for nothing at all Tongue
@Link41: Yeah, it would have been nice to see some of the early 360 games like Perfect Dark on sale...or at least something a little more "festive".

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