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Posted on Nov 25th 2011 at 07:38:43 PM by (diedraneous)
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Happy Black Friday and Belated Thanksgiving RFGeners - hope you were sufficiently stuffed with Turkey and Mom's old fashioned potatoes yesterday! Today, however, is chaos and maybe a few deals. Did any of you go shopping today? Did you find anything good? Maybe something for your secret santa buddy?
I personally had to work so I slept in until the boss called me and told me I had to come in Smiley.

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I just did some online shopping. Grabbed a couple NES games and a guide from Trade 'N Games, and Metroid: Other M for $5. The Amazon deals went WAY too fast, and I wasn't very happy with the lightning deals this year. Oh well, I'll check back on Cyber Monday.
Trust me, if you were on the selling end of the deal like I was, you'd find Black Friday anything but happy.

My fellow consumers, I offer you this advice, and heed it well:

Sleep in. Just say, "screw it" to that milling-about-outside-the-store-at-3-AM nonsense, and get a really good night's rest.

Then, after you get off work some time next week-- preferably Tuesday or Wednesday-- drive right on over to your favorite national retailer, and buy gift cards for your beloved friends and family. That way they can go to the store themselves and get whatever the hell they want for a Christmas present. It's really simple, you'll save a ton on shipping costs to send that cr@p to your geographically isolated family members, and you won't suffer jail time for beating down that guy who took the last open spot in the entire lot a split-second before you could.

Besides, do you really want to be known as one of those poor slobs who got trampled to death over an early-morning "doorbuster" event at Tar-Jay? It could happen, you know.

The life (and sanity) you save could be your own...
@Zagnorch: Well...I didn't do a darn bit of shopping - I was at work...all day...taking phone calls from students that just got suckered into that awesome black Friday deal netbook or laptop and now have no idea how to set it up for courses...so I do feel some of your pain. Personally, I was going to have someone go out for me and see about a TV, but didn't have the money and the deals didn't look that hot this year...maybe I was reading the wrong papers...
I do like the gift card idea...if you don't have a clue what to get someone...gift cards can be great because they allow them to get what they want (hint hint mom).

@Duke.Togo: Awesome job on the Metroid Game. I found the same thing with the Amazon deals this year...they were...lacking
I didn't bother with the black friday chaos. I looked at some online deals, but didn't see anything that amazing. So I didn't end up buying anything this black friday.

I do like the gift card idea...if you don't have a clue what to get someone...gift cards can be great because they allow them to get what they want (hint hint mom).

I'll add a touch of sadism to my gift card-giving by placing it in a bilz box, which is a clear plastic case where you have to run a little metal ball through a maze built into the case and get it to the right spot in order to free up the card.

You gotta earn the gifts I give ya...

@Zagnorch: Awsome lol
@Zagnorch: Ha! Genius!

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