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Posted on Nov 6th 2011 at 07:30:47 PM by (diedraneous)
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Only a few days left until The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim releases. I know in my household there is excitement (and a bit of angst) about the release. You see, I know the game is probably going to be good - it looks pretty interesting. The issue is, so do the other people in the house. Mind you, there are 4 360 and 4 tvs for said 360s, for the 4 of us in the house, however, my roommate seems to think (and probably rightly so) that she is going to be a Skyrim widow for a while.
Many of you have heard of WoW widows - women who were ignored by their husbands who were religiously playing WoW. Now mind you, those marriages probably weren't going to work anyway if WoW broke them up - seriously, if you are happy in the marriage, you probably were playing the game together. In any case, many people are relating Skyrim to the whole WoW situation and the darn game hasn't come out yet. Which leads me to the question, how many of you play games with your significant other/spouse? Do you think that the people going on about the whole Skyrim Widow thing are blowing it out of propotion? What are you thoughts on the whole thing?

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This part is hilarious:

seriously, if you are happy in the marriage, you probably were playing the game together.

You are aware that there are many very happily married gamers who are married to non-gamers, right?
I am talking more of the hard-core players - it is nearly impossible to have a hard-core gamer in the house with someone who does not play games...and besides, it's a generalization, no need to be that concerned over it. And before you get too upset, yes, I am a woman saying that.
@diedraneous: And I am not mad about what you said...however, the point of the article was to spur discussion about playing video games with your significant other or spouse, not to start an argument on whether or not most gamers play with their spouses.
If a woman marries a gamer then she should have known there will be times like this. So that's on her. Unless she marries a guy hours after meeting him, in which case the marriage won't last anyway.

Men never change. Men change the world!
@diedraneous: I'm not trying to argue. just thought it was funny/interesting. Perhaps more interesting knowing yr a woman even. It just caught me as funny cuz my wife is a super casual gamer, and doesn't play games nearly as often as I. But we certainly have a great marriage. I actually know you were saying it semi-tongue-in-cheek. Just wanted to highlight the (as the kids say) LULZ. Smiley
I think there has only been one time my wife ever felt like that and it was before we were married. I made sure to give her lots of notice and explained what to expect of me prior to Xenosaga III coming out. I beat the entire game in just over a 48 hour time period, so it wasnt that long that I was shutting the world out. She still was a little worried since I came to bed one night at like 4 am and by 6am was already up playing again.

She isnt even a casual gamer though. She is a non-gamer. I know she doesnt understand my passion for gaming, but she supports me anyway Smiley
I have a gamer girlfriend so I'm one of those lucky bastards. I showed her some trailers for Skyrim when they first started coming out and she enjoyed how they looked but was unfamiliar with the series. So I went to Steam, booted up Morrowind, and let her play.

She got hooked and can't wait for Skyrim either.
Your roommate said that her boyfriend would be a LEGO Harry Potter widow, and she would be a Skyrim widow. It all works out in the end.
I am so glad that my girl games, I spend time on consoles atm. She totally dominates my handheld colletion atm.
@noiseredux: Lol - true. For me I don't think I could stand it if my partner/husband didn't play video games...while I am not a hard core gamer...I do love video games and I would go insane if I could not play something. I also think I would go insane if my partner/husband didn't enjoy cars...I am a big car person too.
It is kind of funny how we gravitate towards the people who like the same things we do. I was always told opposites attract...but the problem with Shadow and I is that we are too alike!
@Crabmaster2000: Wow! you are lucky...most of the women I know (and this is coming from a woman) will get angry and aggressive at their men playing games. They don't get that it is a way to relax and chill out - I had a roommate that would throw things at her fiance because he would stay up and play Halo 2 instead of going out with her after work. Mind you, he should have paid more attention to her - but she also didn't get why he played games, so there were all sorts of conflict going on there.
In any case...I think that is pretty cool! :p
I make sure when I'm at home physically I'm at home mentally with my family. I do very little gaming at home and when I do its either A) before anyone else is awake, b)with family/friend.
I catch hell all the time for gaming.
Sometimes she gets angry about it(server closures i took part in months ago for example) sometimes it is just a headshake/eye roll(My Horse and Me 2/etc), other times she lets me know i am a geek/nerd/whatever(generally when gaming with Tyn). Then i tell her to go back to reading her history books.(She is a different kind of nerd/geek)

I think the only thing she has played with me since we got together was Soul Calibur 4. Before we got together i got her to play karaoke games on my Xbox along with 10-15 other drunks at college parties i had.

Whenever a holiday is coming up she makes me come up with a nongame gift idea. Needless to say i almost always get a game or something related to gaming.
@Crabmaster2000: True - it's always good to spend time with your family. My parents were never home as kids (my dad worked 2 jobs and my mom was always running around with my sister) - so any time you get with the family is almost always good. Personally, I think having chunks of time set aside to do things makes it easier to be a gamer and also spend quality time with your family. Hope you guys have a good holiday!

@Izret101: I used to be like that with Shadow...then I realized that I was being a bit selfish and that he should be allowed to have time to himself to do what he would like to do. Once I realized that and started reading more and playing more games (with and without him), we started getting a long better.
These are all interesting comments with regards to relationships and gaming.  I personally always feel like I'm playing catch up with my own game collection.  I have a long commute and my girlfriend lives pretty close to where I work, so I am only home on Wednesdays and Weekends.

My girlfriend likes word, puzzle, and trivia games, but is not really into any other type of game which is fine because I still find some fun games to play with her when I'm not playing my racing, fighting, shooting, platforming games.  This makes it easier than being with a non-gamer, but not quite as easy as being with someone who is considered a "gamer".

Either way it works out well, she doesn't get mad when I want to play my games that she is not interested in.  Sometimes she watches me and/or my roommate/friends when we game it up, and with no complaining. 

I guess I am in the middle somewhere, my girl likes enough where we can at least have fun playing some games together, but I could never get her to play Street Fighter, or Need for Speed, or Battlefield, or Boogerman (possibly my fav platformer)...or can i?
To any "Skyrim widows" reading this:

I'd be more than happy to set up a few one-on-one counseling sessions with you at a discreet yet tasteful location while your significant other is distracted.

If interested, just contact me via PM.

Thank you...

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