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Posted on Nov 11th 2011 at 11:59:58 PM by (diedraneous)
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Valve has released information on it's recent security breech. In an article posted on "Opposable Thumbs" (Ars Technica's Gaming News Site), Valve admits to the hacking of it's popular gaming site "Steam". They go into enough detail to lead on that personal and credit card information has been compromised and that in a situation similar to the PSN incident, loyal users may have their personal information stolen.

The article also includes the letter that Valve sent out to it's users earlier this week advising them of the situation and warning them to "watch your credit card activity and statements closely". They are still investigating the incident, so at this time it not clear if anything actually was stolen, however, we are sure to hear more on this issue as Valve releases information.

The article can be viewed at:


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