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Electronics is a medium of entertainment available for children today. They have been around for well over 40 years and have since then undergone an evolution into the high quality gaming platforms that are commonly used today. While these are by no means methods of entertainment exclusive to children, they are popular options of entertaining young folk. If you're looking to purchase a kid an electronic game, here are some options available to you.

Gameboy and Gameboy Color
The Game Boy is one of the first handheld gaming systems. Developed by Nintendo, its a follow up to the Game and Watch system and became far more popular in comparison. The Game Boy has a strong selection of games and is a nostalgic gaming device for many gamers. It's been around so long that it's also a bargain system, which means it won't have a significant impact on your wallet. You may need to search for a working Game Boy, but it's not terribly rare, so its price is not very high. If your child insists on a color screen, Game Boy also comes with a color format, though the original typically displays shades of grey and black.

The Sega Game Gear
If your child is more fond of Sega products, they also produced a handheld system. This system is called the Game Gear. It is a color 8-bit system that was released in 1990. This system was discontinued in 1997, which means they're of limited availability, but you're likely to find one at a bargain price such as the Game Boy. The Game Gear is the Sega version of handheld gaming in the early 1990s.

Playstation Vita
The Playstation Vita was released by Sony Computer Entertainment. Its North America release was in 2012. This is a very recent release, which makes it readily available for purchase. It has memory card support that allows this system to save gigabytes of data across many different games. This system went by the name "The Next Generation Console" when it was in development. It has a greater degree of complexity compared to older handhelds. It can support highly advanced games, but it also requires some learning in order to be used to its fullest. This is an ideal system for teenagers.

The iPod
If you want to give a teenager something that's more than a gaming platform then you could consider an iPod. These use a touch screen and allow the viewing of videos, playing of music, and gaming. The versatility of an iPod means it'll be useful for more than simply gaming. The disadvantage of an iPod is its gaming library may not impress some children who are looking for highly advanced gaming experiences. An iPod would function as a jack-of-all-trades of handheld entertainment.

Handheld entertainment exists across several types. Thanks to the diversity offered in kids' electronic games, there are enthralling and fun options for everyone. Older handheld systems would limit what's available to your child through their gaming library but are generally less expensive than more recently released handhelds. It all depends on what you want the children to have access to during their gaming experience.

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