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Posted on Jan 2nd 2017 at 12:08:33 PM by (douglie007)
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Last year my only goal was to clean and organize my basement, I was able to remove all none game related items in my basement/game room. This year is a lot of the nit-picky items in said basement.

I have a few things I am trying to do for my game collection, but not really looking for anything super rare or crazy.

1.   Do the 2 Game Gear TV out mods that have been sitting for 2 years
2.   Recap all the Game Gears I have
3.   Recap and install NESRGB in best looking NES I have.  Look in to getting the Blinking Lights Win part.
4.   Recap woody CRT TV
5.   Repair Turbo Express power port.
6.   Go through and repair or get rid of all the broken controllers I have. 
7.   Find out how to make molds and make the FZ-1 reset and power buttons for system that is missing them.
8.   Recap Commodore 64, possible get a C64 SD card player.
9.   Fix Power bricks that are not working. Make 2 more Genesis/32x/CD all in one power cables.
10.   Repair the BVM, mod the Rock band Guitars with tach switches for Arcade Legacy
11.   Take photos and add all missing photos of all the hardware I have for RFgen
12.   Work on getting to 1000 unique hardware pieces in my collection
13.   Work on getting to 8000 in unique physical games. 
14.   Finish playing every Sega game I own on stream.
15.   Make streaming area more organized and more professional looking and sounding
16.   Finish at least 10 full games
17.   Play every Community play through for 2017
18.   Trade off or sell some doubles so they can fit on one shelf
19.   Get the last 9 Longbox PS1 games I am missing
20.   Get the last 4 Guncon games I am missing
21.   Get the last Game Com game Sonic Jam ( for under 20$)
22.   Repair Mountain Dew Xbox system

All the games I am looking for are added to my wishlist

Posted on Aug 28th 2016 at 02:25:45 PM by (douglie007)
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I have a daughter with cerebral palsy, if you don't know what that is, the definition is a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills (the ability to move in a coordinated and purposeful way). CP usually is caused by brain damage that happens before or during a baby's birth, or during the first 3 to 5 years of a child's life.  She was born at 26 weeks, had a tracheotomy when she was only 3 months old.  Now she is 5, just started kindergarten and the trach is gone, she is doing well, but with age she is growing, and with school, she needs to be more mobile.  The therapist is talking about updating her wheelchair which is small manual chair, to a motorized chair so she is not wore out at school just trying to get around.   

That leads us to our next big challenge.  We will need to get a wheelchair lift van, and we found out fast, they are not cheap.  the price to get one is around the 70 to 80 thousand dollar mark, that is to get a new one. even good used ones that are 8 years old go for around $50,000.  That is about the price of a new Corvette.   

Me and my wife are saving as much as we possibly can, but we need help so we started a gofundme page , labor day I am doing a fundraising stream with fellow streamers and best of all my friend that owns Arcade Legacy is helping with a fundraising night on September 10th at the store ( so if you are in the Cincinnati area you can come ) here is the link to the event page if you need the address .

At the fundraiser we will have a Saturn Bomberman tournament plus other tournaments.  if you would like to make suggestions for some good tournies I have a poll on event page.

Posted on Sep 21st 2015 at 04:17:59 PM by (douglie007)
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I will be playing every game that I own for Sega systems I am doing this because I would like to be able to say I have played every game I own

Rules for my gameplay
  • Playing the games in Release order, If no US date could be found I used JP dates
  • Will Play until Game Over if possible, if no game over after 10 min will end playing
  • Sports to end of first Quarter/Inning (orbored )
  • Games will be recorded/Played off real hardware no Retrons or Emulators
  • if game has an issue or new, I may use an Everdrive

Game list and day I will be playing them on Twitch 

If Preview doesnt Work

9/10/15 video stream:

9/17/15 video stream:

Posted on Sep 18th 2015 at 10:34:48 AM by (douglie007)
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I am have started doing something that I didn't think would be hard, but its not as easy as I thought.  I have started playing the Master System games, and I have tried to get all the games official release dates, but so far I have got through 48 of my 1836 games on my list to play, so it will be a while. 

I wanted to bring this up because I need some advice. 

1. do you think its worth splitting the videos into just games after the live stream?  or just leave them as one long video?

2. I came up with a name Throwback Thursday's Play Sega, but should I try and come-up with a logo?

3. do you think any one cares? I like to do this for myself, but do you think its a waste of time doing more then uploading it?

As a collector, I get a lot of people saying " WOW, that's an awesome collection, have you played all of them?"  and that's where this endeavor came from.

If anyone wants to see what I have done so far I have them on youtube (

Posted on Mar 20th 2012 at 12:16:41 PM by (douglie007)
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So I would like to start off this rant by saying I think everyone that works on and helps develop this site is awesome, giving their time to make it a great place to talk about, trade, and show off collections, but I have some issues on where and what the site should be and what it is now. 

First off I feel that the site is set up to the collector for games and should every game and variance for the die-hard collector.  I also understand that there is only so much room in the database. Here are my suggestions, that I know everyone wont agree on, but as a collector it would be what would suit my needs. 

1.   I think we should have all variation of any games, but only if some one on the site has it.
2.   Pack in games should be on the site, if you can buy it by its self used you dont have to own the system. Also we cant be the most complete if we dont have them.
3.   If room on the database is to full we should remove some games that no one owns. They can be added when bought.
4.   For the sticky issue of game guides, we should just add a 4th column in every game added after the manual. If you have many variance of the walkthrough put down 3 and in comments list what ones you have.
5.   We need to be able to add photos to games submissions, so we dont have to wait until its added, also it would help prove what it is.
6.    When searching UPC should be a searchable field, so if some one does have a barcode scanner, it makes finding games nice and fast.

I know some people want the site to be nice and clean and not even have the Greatest Hits versions, thats more for the gamespot  and gamefaqs type sites.  They are not built for the collector, they are for the player only.  For me to geek it up and nerd it out if I have 3 games like I do for FF7 I want to show them all off not just say 3 3 3. I want to be able to see why I have them. 

I know I ranted to some people already on the chat but, to save my own sanity I have to get it out for everyone so see and comment about. 

Thanks for every one that does such hard work on the site.  I come to this site almost everyday to the point my wife just says  I see your on your site again ☺

Posted on Sep 30th 2011 at 03:16:19 PM by (douglie007)
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Hellllllpppp! So I was going through some of my odd stuff that I wanted to add to my collection online and I cam across this Total Control  connector that says it makes some controller work with the Genesis ... the port is an old pc controller port and also the Neo Geo controllers fit but none the of pc controllers i have has a top red and bottem red buttons so Im asking for some help Smiley here are some scans of the converter...also notice that its not a big name company or they would have spelled Genesis correct Smiley any hooo any help some one can give would be great ( google has not been so kind in the search)

Posted on Apr 30th 2011 at 06:39:52 PM by (douglie007)
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So I have had a very interesting year so far.  My wife was pregnant and ended up getting  and HELLP Syndrome http://http// and had to have a C section at 26 weeks, that was January 2nd of this year.  My baby, Lilith, has been in the hospital since birth, she was 1lb 10 oz at birth, she had problems breathing so she now has a trach and now she is having problem eating because she was on a vent for 3months and just got a G tube for feeding.  So you may be asking what does this have to do with gaming, well to de-stress I just go and play a game my wife fells that its escaping from whats going on.  I don't know what to do, Lilith is coming home on the 5th of May, she is our first child.  I want to do whats best for her but also still need time for myself.  How do you other gamers/ Parents deal with everything and if anyone has experience with special need babies any and all input would be awesome.

Posted on Feb 8th 2010 at 03:09:13 PM by (douglie007)
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So I have got through my Sega Genesis, Pico, Master System, Saturn,PC,NES, SNES ,GBA,GBC,GB, Atari 8 bit, Commadore 64, and Atari 2600 games all organized and alphabtized  still have all the rest.  I have 5 boxes of dups that I need to trade off. If poeple have some newer games for Wii, DS, PSP, PS3 or 360 that want to trade for older games and systems let me know.  If poeple live in the Cincinnati area and want to trade we can meet and just get it done Smiley 

Posted on Jan 14th 2010 at 11:03:23 PM by (douglie007)
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There are many swap shops that buy all kinds of crap and one near me sells all the NES and SNES games cheap so I told him that I would bring some stuff to trade.  Here is the list of stuff I gave him.
  • 2-NES's with 4 controllers and 1 zapper
  • 2-SNES's with 4 controllers
  • 5-Mario/Duck Hunts
  • 2-Mario 3
  • 2-Tecmo bowls
  • 2-super star wars
  • 1-Killer Instincts
  • 2-Street Fighter 2

I got from him

  • Guitar Hero Metallica w/Guitar-PS3
  • Vindicators-NES
  • Defender of the Crown-NES
  • Mystery Quest-NES
  • Infiltrator-NES
  • 1943-NES
  • Flying Dragon-NES
  • Power Golf-NES
  • Gun.Smoke-NES
  • Spelunker-NES
  • Evil Dead Hail To The King-PSX
  • The Contra Adventure-PSX
  • James Bond Jr-SNES
  • Uncharted Waters:New Horizons-SNES
  • Spider-Man-SNES
  • GP-Part II-SNES
  • Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament, USA-SNES

SOooo Let me know if I did good on trade or if I should have kept the stuff.

Posted on Jan 6th 2010 at 03:28:40 AM by (douglie007)
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I have started setting up all my games and systems at my new house.  This was a bigger project then I thought, I have finally got my Sega Games organized (-Dreamcast) and I have soooo many doubles on Genesis and Master System(3 large boxes). I guess I need to start selling stuff.  If people want to trade for games I have I am trying to get a larger PS3 and DS collection so, any one in need of gaming goodness let. 

Anyway next to do is all the Nintendo stuff.  Right know Ive got 7 bookcases full of my games and systems.

I hope to have all my games alphabetized and organized by the end of the month.

this may not make any scence but its my first blog Smiley


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