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Posted on Jan 2nd 2017 at 12:08:33 PM by (douglie007)
Posted under New Year Resolution, Modding, Collection, Repair, 2017, New Year Resolution

Last year my only goal was to clean and organize my basement, I was able to remove all none game related items in my basement/game room. This year is a lot of the nit-picky items in said basement.

I have a few things I am trying to do for my game collection, but not really looking for anything super rare or crazy.

1.   Do the 2 Game Gear TV out mods that have been sitting for 2 years
2.   Recap all the Game Gears I have
3.   Recap and install NESRGB in best looking NES I have.  Look in to getting the Blinking Lights Win part.
4.   Recap woody CRT TV
5.   Repair Turbo Express power port.
6.   Go through and repair or get rid of all the broken controllers I have. 
7.   Find out how to make molds and make the FZ-1 reset and power buttons for system that is missing them.
8.   Recap Commodore 64, possible get a C64 SD card player.
9.   Fix Power bricks that are not working. Make 2 more Genesis/32x/CD all in one power cables.
10.   Repair the BVM, mod the Rock band Guitars with tach switches for Arcade Legacy
11.   Take photos and add all missing photos of all the hardware I have for RFgen
12.   Work on getting to 1000 unique hardware pieces in my collection
13.   Work on getting to 8000 in unique physical games. 
14.   Finish playing every Sega game I own on stream.
15.   Make streaming area more organized and more professional looking and sounding
16.   Finish at least 10 full games
17.   Play every Community play through for 2017
18.   Trade off or sell some doubles so they can fit on one shelf
19.   Get the last 9 Longbox PS1 games I am missing
20.   Get the last 4 Guncon games I am missing
21.   Get the last Game Com game Sonic Jam ( for under 20$)
22.   Repair Mountain Dew Xbox system

All the games I am looking for are added to my wishlist

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