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Posted on Sep 30th 2011 at 03:16:19 PM by (douglie007)
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Hellllllpppp! So I was going through some of my odd stuff that I wanted to add to my collection online and I cam across this Total Control  connector that says it makes some controller work with the Genesis ... the port is an old pc controller port and also the Neo Geo controllers fit but none the of pc controllers i have has a top red and bottem red buttons so Im asking for some help Smiley here are some scans of the converter...also notice that its not a big name company or they would have spelled Genesis correct Smiley any hooo any help some one can give would be great ( google has not been so kind in the search)

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First thing that came up immediately is that it's a controller converter, but I can only find converters for PSX and Dreamcast - they don't support PC connections.

Wherever this came from, the manufacturer was attempting to utilize the name and mimic the colors of the 4 Player Adapter for Genesis.

"This thing looks like a joystick and was made for diffrent consoles, it has an adapter for the megadrive. In principle the directions should work with motion control but my doesnt seem to work. I didnt find anything about this thing on the net. but it looks cool. I hope I can get it to work. "

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You rock that's it, but I got it in a bunch of junk I got at a yard sale ( because it said sega) I was hoping it would be useful but I think it only works with that controller.....
At least you know what it is now. I wouldn't junk it either way. Never know if someone has the other half and is willing to sell or looking to complete it Smiley
I have one just like this for super nintendo and have been trying to figure out what it is. i can find them genesis. can somebody please tell me where i can find the controller part of it
i have the whole controller and adaptor part i got it thinking it was rare but also can't find anything on it i got it for 20 bucks not sure if its a deal  or not lol  since theres nothing to compare it to

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