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Posted on Mar 20th 2012 at 12:16:41 PM by (douglie007)
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So I would like to start off this rant by saying I think everyone that works on and helps develop this site is awesome, giving their time to make it a great place to talk about, trade, and show off collections, but I have some issues on where and what the site should be and what it is now. 

First off I feel that the site is set up to the collector for games and should every game and variance for the die-hard collector.  I also understand that there is only so much room in the database. Here are my suggestions, that I know everyone wont agree on, but as a collector it would be what would suit my needs. 

1.   I think we should have all variation of any games, but only if some one on the site has it.
2.   Pack in games should be on the site, if you can buy it by its self used you dont have to own the system. Also we cant be the most complete if we dont have them.
3.   If room on the database is to full we should remove some games that no one owns. They can be added when bought.
4.   For the sticky issue of game guides, we should just add a 4th column in every game added after the manual. If you have many variance of the walkthrough put down 3 and in comments list what ones you have.
5.   We need to be able to add photos to games submissions, so we dont have to wait until its added, also it would help prove what it is.
6.    When searching UPC should be a searchable field, so if some one does have a barcode scanner, it makes finding games nice and fast.

I know some people want the site to be nice and clean and not even have the Greatest Hits versions, thats more for the gamespot  and gamefaqs type sites.  They are not built for the collector, they are for the player only.  For me to geek it up and nerd it out if I have 3 games like I do for FF7 I want to show them all off not just say 3 3 3. I want to be able to see why I have them. 

I know I ranted to some people already on the chat but, to save my own sanity I have to get it out for everyone so see and comment about. 

Thanks for every one that does such hard work on the site.  I come to this site almost everyday to the point my wife just says  I see your on your site again ☺

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I like/agree with 1. 5. 6.

3 is a non issue but i do like the idea of people only adding games that they own. People adding games that they have seen pictures of or heard about irritates me. (DOUBLE STANDARD! I have done this. The difference being i trust my own research, don't have to reresearch it and if i find i am wrong don;'t have to fix someone else mistake)

2 i agree and disagree with. Splitting pack ins or bundles makes things sloppy. Sure i could go to a gamestop and buy individual titles from the Pacman/Mortal Kombat/Dantes Inferno/GTA etc PS2/Xbox bundles but they were not intended to be broken up and when not sold as a bundle you are only buying part of the item.
It would be like having a DB entry for the super scope, the reciever, and the Super Scop 6 game. You could have all 3 pieces but you need them all to be a working set.(Again this is kind of a non-issue as there are bundled items that are in the DB as nonbundles anyways. This is more of a case by case basis. For example the Tommo PSX bundles are indiviually in the DB)

4. I have something like 10 guides for the original Mortal Kombat alone. I think the inclusion of only a check box is worse than not having the option at all. If you have to list which version of the guide you have in the description field you might as well just use the field to do that now. Should guides ever be tracked here i want to see it implemented right and not a halfassed pinned on feature.

Please replace Dantes Inferno with Devil May Cry. I r dumb
I hate that I had duplicates and I cant see m overall total with duplicates.  I wish there was a option to go between seeing overall total and total without dupliates like it is now.
1. I don't know about "all" variants, but certainly most of them should be in the DB. I agree that general members shouldn't be adding variants they don't own or at least can prove their existence with photos from multiple sources. But I support staff members adding them, as long as they can also without a doubt prove they do exist. The problem with not adding them when we find out about them, is that most of our members won't take the time to add the variation if they do own it, so they add the existing variation to their collection, and then their collection is "broken" IMO.

2. I want to agree with this, but I can't. The reason we went to this policy is mainly because of the hardware DB. People started adding ridiculous things to the DB, things like the door that covers the GCN controller ports on a Wii. It was basically "if I can take it apart, I'm adding it to the DB" so we started mandating that items be available at retail like they are in the DB. And it happens with software as well, I can think of several PS1 "Collector's Edition" games that had 3-4 titles in a cardboard sleeve. Sure, you can buy these individually used, but you can also buy a game's manual separately, does that mean it should get its own listing in the DB? (And BTW, we actually had someone try doing that, adding boxes and manuals separately).

3. That seems like a lot of extra work for minimal rewards. When we say the DB is "full" we don't mean that the next game added could use the last of our storage space. It just means that we don't want to do something that would add thousands of new entries before we're ready for them. If anything is "full" its our staff capacity. There's only a handful of us that have the knowledge to work on stuff behind the scenes. We don't have the team of programmers most websites do that can crank out new features and continuously improve existing features. So something that seems "so easy to add" is not only a lot more complex than most people would think, but its also being added to a pile of other projects in the works.

4. I agree with Anthony. There's no real point in doing it half-assed. When we add strategy guides, it will be a full fledged DB with its own setup and features.

5. I agree this would be nice, but I don't know if its even possible. AFAIK, when a title is added, it doesn't get its RFG ID# until the reviewer clicks "approve submission" and in order to add an image to the DB, it needs an ID# to be tied to. So adding something like this would require a very large rewrite of how the submission process works.

6. I agree 100% on this one. Shadow and I were even discussing it a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, we don't know how possible it would be. From what he told me, searches like that are very resource intensive, which is why we only have the few that we do have and not the ability to search any field.
OH MY GOD! I completely forgot about that guy. I volleyed at least a dozen PMs with him.
"I also have the box and manual so i am adding them to the database"
"I submit a picture of my game so i can see it. Because mine is different."(condition wise. It was worse.)
lol @box and manual guy.

1. I somewhat agree with #1 because, like NES_Rules said, people do add games that simply don't exist.

2. I was for pack-in games when I joined the site, but now I don't think they should be added.  It opens up a huge new hole in the database.  Like Izret and NES_Rules said, where do we stop?  We have to have rules for the database, and we can't make exceptions for everything.

3. I don't agree with this, unless the game actually doesn't exist.  It would be a big waste of time to continually add and re-add games.

4. I agree with the guys above; no half-assing guides.  If we add them, it needs to be well thought out.

5. I would love for this to be added, but don't know if it is actually possible.

6. I think this would be a cool feature to have.
3. I was saying that for like odd japanese games that no one owns but they are in the DB not really needed, but if some one had them at one time and there are pics and other info for it then keep it.

Pack in games Im cool with them just being there Smiley How do I trade them if I cant even show that I own them Smiley

5. I dont know why its wouldnt be possible couldnt we set up the drop down just to choose any of the fields that are used.
My 2, which is probably only really worth half that:

1. I would tend to agree with this in most, but not all cases. If not owned by someone here, there should be supporting evidence provided.

2. I'm fine either way with pack-ins. Sometimes I just don't know that a game was a pack-in until I try to submit it for some of the more obscure systems that don't seem to be as well documented on the web.

3. I completely disagree. If the game exists, and can be proven to exist from outside sources, it should be in the database. This site is billed right at the top as "The classic and modern video game database", not "The classic and modern video game database of games owned by our members."

4. I'm with everyone else here, only add them when it can get the attention it deserves.

5. My suggestion would just be to upload your pic to photobucket or something similar and include the URL in the submission notes. That way the staffer attempting to verify it can just take a look.

6. I'd like to be able to search by any of the available fields, but I understand that there has to be priorities, and staffers keep pretty busy around here. I'll be happy to see it when/if it arrives. I do cheat a little bit with doing a site specific Google search sometimes though to get around this issue here.

LOL at the box, manual guy.

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