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Posted on Jan 14th 2010 at 11:03:23 PM by (douglie007)
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There are many swap shops that buy all kinds of crap and one near me sells all the NES and SNES games cheap so I told him that I would bring some stuff to trade.  Here is the list of stuff I gave him.
  • 2-NES's with 4 controllers and 1 zapper
  • 2-SNES's with 4 controllers
  • 5-Mario/Duck Hunts
  • 2-Mario 3
  • 2-Tecmo bowls
  • 2-super star wars
  • 1-Killer Instincts
  • 2-Street Fighter 2

I got from him

  • Guitar Hero Metallica w/Guitar-PS3
  • Vindicators-NES
  • Defender of the Crown-NES
  • Mystery Quest-NES
  • Infiltrator-NES
  • 1943-NES
  • Flying Dragon-NES
  • Power Golf-NES
  • Gun.Smoke-NES
  • Spelunker-NES
  • Evil Dead Hail To The King-PSX
  • The Contra Adventure-PSX
  • James Bond Jr-SNES
  • Uncharted Waters:New Horizons-SNES
  • Spider-Man-SNES
  • GP-Part II-SNES
  • Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament, USA-SNES

SOooo Let me know if I did good on trade or if I should have kept the stuff.

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Ehh, It was a pretty even trade, kinda. For each NES that's $20, each SNES that's $40, so that's $120 in just consoles. As long as you're happy though.
You got a couple nice games like Uncharted Waters, but like Logical said, you probably could have gotten a little better by selling the consoles on ebay or somewhere else.
IMO you got the much better end of the deal there.
I mean Mario Duck Hunt is worth what like 10cents each.

As for the consoles look how long its taking Mike to get rid of all his extra systems.
I've got like 10 more SNES's and 15 NES's (Yea yard sales) and like Izret said Ive got like 5 more mario's,  but all in all Im happy I got rid of some dup's and got games I didnt have, and that's all that matters to me. I will get my dups on here sooner or later and then I can get more games I dont have Smiley.  my goal this year is first finish my Genesis and master system collections ( which is 9 games not counting the bluckbuster championship) and after that Ive got my eyes on getting to number 1 on the collection list Tongue
@logical123:as for ebaying systems thats more of a headache I would rather trade them so I dont have fees Smiley
You probably could have done better by selling your stuff and then buying the stuff you got, but not much better. I agree with you that its worth the convenience of walking into a store with stuff you don't want and leaving with stuff you do want. Anyone who has sold online (or even offline really) knows that its better to get a lower price for something if it means you get rid of it quicker.

And it is a real headache selling on eBay, there's so much more to it than most people think, especially if you're trying to sell a bunch of stuff at once. The only thing that allowed me to sell 15 system lots in one week was the flat rate boxes the USPS gives out, without those I would have gone nuts.

@Izret101: Have I become that guy that is always trying to unload stuff to people who don't want it?
Sounds like a excellent trade.

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