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Posted on Sep 18th 2015 at 10:34:48 AM by (douglie007)
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I am have started doing something that I didn't think would be hard, but its not as easy as I thought.  I have started playing the Master System games, and I have tried to get all the games official release dates, but so far I have got through 48 of my 1836 games on my list to play, so it will be a while. 

I wanted to bring this up because I need some advice. 

1. do you think its worth splitting the videos into just games after the live stream?  or just leave them as one long video?

2. I came up with a name Throwback Thursday's Play Sega, but should I try and come-up with a logo?

3. do you think any one cares? I like to do this for myself, but do you think its a waste of time doing more then uploading it?

As a collector, I get a lot of people saying " WOW, that's an awesome collection, have you played all of them?"  and that's where this endeavor came from.

If anyone wants to see what I have done so far I have them on youtube (

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I think that there are enough people on the internet, that literally any subject is interesting to at least a small crowd of people from the internet.  Be sure to send people that inquire to your channel so they can check it out and tell their friends, etc.

Important part is to just do it because you want to, people watching will follow at some point, or not, but it won't really matter since you just want to do it.
all I know is this - Master System rules. I probably have fonder memories of it than of Genesis, as funny as that sounds.
I love my Master system, and I was looking at my play list ( I have them setup by Weeks) I won't play my last Master system game until Week 38.... Im on week 3 and I will do 78 Weeks to finish all my Sega Games... then I might start Nintendo or Atari

Based on my limited exposure to the SMS, I would say it's definitely worth putting the time into, especially for those of us in North America where its market penetration was so low.  Most of us would have had very little experience with it, and seeing some video and in-depth discussion of the console and its games would be cool.

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I'm going to start blogging about my games I have played and then link the video
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