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Posted on Sep 21st 2015 at 04:17:59 PM by (douglie007)
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I will be playing every game that I own for Sega systems I am doing this because I would like to be able to say I have played every game I own

Rules for my gameplay
  • Playing the games in Release order, If no US date could be found I used JP dates
  • Will Play until Game Over if possible, if no game over after 10 min will end playing
  • Sports to end of first Quarter/Inning (orbored )
  • Games will be recorded/Played off real hardware no Retrons or Emulators
  • if game has an issue or new, I may use an Everdrive

Game list and day I will be playing them on Twitch 

If Preview doesnt Work

9/10/15 video stream:

9/17/15 video stream:

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Douglie007, I put in a follow on your Twitch stream.  It seems you are streaming the same day as I am, of course.  Please check out my stream as well  which is a channel similar to yours, but focus on 2+ couch multiplayer

When I am not streaming I'll try to host you if I'm around.
When I read the words "play dates" in your blog title, I envisioned one of your Master System games on a see-saw with one of your Genesis titles while one of your Saturn games was going down the playground slide. Hey, is that a Game Gear game on the jungle gym? And check out the Dreamcast on the swing! Isn't that just the cutest thing? You must be so proud.

Ummm... what were we talking about again?
@Gamer4Lyfe: very cool, Smiley I am by myself so I dont have much help with my 2 player games, I am inviting some of my friends over to play some of the games with me.  I will watch your replay when done

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I'm going to start blogging about my games I have played and then link the video
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