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Posted on Jan 14th 2010 at 11:03:23 PM by (douglie007)
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There are many swap shops that buy all kinds of crap and one near me sells all the NES and SNES games cheap so I told him that I would bring some stuff to trade.  Here is the list of stuff I gave him.
  • 2-NES's with 4 controllers and 1 zapper
  • 2-SNES's with 4 controllers
  • 5-Mario/Duck Hunts
  • 2-Mario 3
  • 2-Tecmo bowls
  • 2-super star wars
  • 1-Killer Instincts
  • 2-Street Fighter 2

I got from him

  • Guitar Hero Metallica w/Guitar-PS3
  • Vindicators-NES
  • Defender of the Crown-NES
  • Mystery Quest-NES
  • Infiltrator-NES
  • 1943-NES
  • Flying Dragon-NES
  • Power Golf-NES
  • Gun.Smoke-NES
  • Spelunker-NES
  • Evil Dead Hail To The King-PSX
  • The Contra Adventure-PSX
  • James Bond Jr-SNES
  • Uncharted Waters:New Horizons-SNES
  • Spider-Man-SNES
  • GP-Part II-SNES
  • Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament, USA-SNES

SOooo Let me know if I did good on trade or if I should have kept the stuff.

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