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In recent months, very few sectors of society have remained stable, and even fewer are those that have managed to grow. For this reason, we will address what is the current situation of online education. We will focus specifically on the influence of COVID-19 on the development of eLearning and how it has become the best educational alternative in times of pandemic.

A new reality

Since the period of confinement due to the COVID-19 virus began, many aspects of our lives have changed. Society, worldwide, has had to adapt to this reality. Now more than ever we depend on the use of technological tools, especially in those activities that historically had required presence and human contact. Of course, one of the areas where this situation has most influenced has been in education and training.

By not being able to gather en masse in a certain space, it is mandatory to look for alternatives that allow interaction and the transmission of knowledge by other means. Luckily, the internet has reached a point of development that makes communication and connection between people much easier regardless of the distance. The use of this tool linked to eLearning is what has allowed the education sector to stay afloat during the time of crisis we are going through.

It is clear that this ability to adapt to the new conditions we live in is the reason why, despite the pandemic, online learning has been one of the few industries that have registered growth in this period. Now, let's dig a little deeper into how COVID-19 has influenced the development of eLearning.

eLearning before COVID-19

Although this concept is not new, as it has been in development for more than a decade, it has become more popular in recent years and, especially, in recent months. Clearly, many educational and organizational institutions had already begun to take steps towards new methods such as eLearning. However, the change had not been total and there was still some resistance, giving more interest to the face-to-face model. This has changed after the closure, until now uncertain, of schools, universities, and companies, generating a greater expansion of distance education and training.

ELearning in times of COVID-19

During social distancing, there was a considerable increase in interest in online learning. Not only by students but, in general, by services like Essay Map that are interested in learning something new during the days of confinement. This has represented a growth opportunity for the eLearning industry, establishing itself as the most viable solution to meet the learning needs of the population.

But what are the reasons for this accelerated growth? Well, let's see some reasons why society is betting on this type of learning model.

Main reasons for the growth of eLearning

- Due to its complete technological base, eLearning has the ability to be used at any time and place, thus becoming the best option to solve social distancing.
- Other aspects such as flexibility and accessibility must also be considered. With a computer or cell phone, and a good internet connection, it is possible to access the various courses designed.
- Today there is a greater appreciation of learning and practical training, and eLearning has proven to be quite effective in this area, especially due to its foray into gamification and virtual reality experiences.
- It allows improving professional skills by reinforcing knowledge and having greater control over personal goals and learning needs. This is one of the reasons why companies and organizations are more interested in eLearning as an alternative to training.
- Last but not least is profitability, a crucial aspect of today's economy. Above all, when compared to the costs that traditional learning usually has.

Of course, there are many more reasons that can explain the accelerated growth of the use of this learning tool. However, with these few, it is evident the power it has in today's society and what we should expect in the near future.

Now, since eLearning is setting the standard when it comes to knowledge transfer, it cannot stop there. It is necessary to continue transforming the pedagogical model to adapt it to new social changes. We must continue to encourage the development of fun, interactive, personalized, and adaptable learning experiences to the study rhythm of each person. Only in this way can we continue to grow as an industry in this changing world. Let's keep innovating!

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