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Posted on Aug 1st 2007 at 10:05:46 PM by (TurboGrafxer AKA DCer)
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Do you like things that are FREE?
Are you good at trivia? (i.e.: screenshots from movies and games)
Does the thought of getting something for free from answering trivia get you excited?
Do you have games that are lying around and are of so low of a value that they aren't even worth selling and you would much rather just give them away?

Well then there is something special for you here at RF Generation. In the 'Idle Chatter' part of the forum there is a thread simply titled 'WIN FREE STUFF HERE!!!!!'. You can win free games just for guessing screenshots from movies and games. Anyone is welcome to post a giveaway. But please keep up your end of the bargain so that this runs smoothly. This is a fun way to recycle your games. If it's shipping that you're worried about, it costs around $2.00 to send a game first class. Due to the recent (as of May 14th, 2007) post office rate changes, it is cheaper to send it first class rather then media mail.
There have been four winners so far. Will the next one be you?

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