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Posted on Apr 24th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Duke0619)
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I was born in 1975 and spent my childhood in the 1980s. Now as an adult, I am a lover of 80's nostalgia. I am so excited to share this video series with you that is a unique and fun take on reliving my past. There is something so magical about seeing a toy or video game for the first time since childhood and having that "Oh, I remembered that!" feeling, and that is at the heart of this series. I hope you enjoy reliving my past with me!

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Really glad to see this featured here at RFG!
Good stuff Duke! Enjoy these episodes.
They were jetpacks to me, too.

Great episode, and I am really looking forward to seeing more.  I love having these kind of conversations ("Remember ______?"), and I really like that you led with a toy instead of video games.  Nothing against the games, but our generation had such a massive amount of crap that we consumed back then.  Remember Construx?  I had a very similar experience to yours in a friend's basement.  He must have had thousands of Construx pieces, and we build a massive space station that covered a good chuck of the room, complete with landing lights and everything.  In fact, I remember we barely had enough pieces left to build a spaceship (though we still somehow managed). 

I already subbed to your channel, and it is going to be reeealy hard to not cheat and watch them ahead on YouTube, though.
Hey Duke! Happy to see you featured here!
Great stuff!  I played with LEGO toys a ton, and yeah, I'm jumping on the jetpack bandwagon as well Cheesy

I dig the production values in your video, keep up the good work!
Duke - thanks so much! Iím excited to be featured here!  I love the site and have been useing it for years for my game collecting.

Single Banana - thanks for being so kind and supportive and for your help getting featured here on this great website!

Bombatabomba - thanks so much for the feedback and kind words. I do remember construx!

Pam - thanks! I always appreciate your comments and feedback 😊

MetalFRO - thanks so much!  Definitely jet packs ha, ha.
Well done!

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