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Posted on Jul 19th 2014 at 09:00:00 PM by (ErbBetaPatched)
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Welcome to the site!  While the amount of active Steam players on RFG are still a bit limited (in relation to the number of active users on this site).  However, we do have a little community group on Steam, so please drop by and join if you like. 

By the way, I'm not too sure about running print in root...  ;-P
Welcome to the site. As bomba mentioned, there is quite the growing interest for Steam on this site and I believe there might be a regular play group. Check out our forums.
Welcome! You will find a few active individuals on the site that also collect for Sony.
@bombatomba: Because sometimes just running print won't cut it.
@ErbBetaPatched:  Seriously, dude.  Cheese balls all over my laptop.
I'm following you on twitch at this point

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I'm on a quest to review every PS2 game, because its my favorite console. All of the reviews are uploaded to Youtube and I'll make a post for them when they come out.

You won't see just regular reviews, too. I also have some cool ideas I'd like to try out in order to review games in different fashions. Feedback is definitely appreciated.
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