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Posted on Sep 3rd 2015 at 01:06:02 PM by (FatherJack)
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In the deep dark days of 1992, British C64 gaming magazine, Zzap!64 reviewed the game Daffy Duck from Hi-Tec Software giving it an excellent score of 94%. C64 gamers were looking forward to playing the game but sadly the publishers went out of business and rumour had it that only 250 copies made it to store.

Since 1997, C64 expert Frank Gasking and the site Games That Weren't have been searching high and low for the past 18 years hoping to get a copy or some part of the game. Well today the news is out that a copy of the game is available to play. Rejoice for all C64 fans.

To see the full story behind the game please click on the following link


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This is great news! Thanks!
Very cool!  I think some of the best repros out there are the ones of games that were made, but never made it to market.
In the early 90s there seemed to be quite a few games based on TV characters, was such a shame one of the best couldn't be played.
So glad this happened, so glad there are people so dedicated to the preservation of digital history.

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