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Posted on Dec 3rd 2013 at 06:03:11 PM by (GameDave)
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What a strange special edition PS4 I got...

Anyone else pick up the PS4 at launch?

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Hello again, Mr. Dave.

Well, it's no 32x... or Odyssey 2... or Hyper Scan for that matter. But hey, if you're happy with your super-smexy PS4, then I'm happy for you. I'm gonna grab one of those bad boys myself one of these days... most likely at a thrift store three months before the PS5 launches. 'Cuz that's just how I roll.

BTW I think you should totally dump those not-friends, and get yourself some imaginary ones. Works great for me. Right, guys?

Um... when you say you're "super-excited to try this thing out," you're referring to the PS4 console, and not the super-sexy bonus item laying on top of it, right? Right? Oh God, please let me be right...

"Now I'm nervous." That statement right there is why I'm not big on picking up the newest gaming consoles at launch...
@Zagnorch: Agreed! I had no plans to actually pick one up. My friend, who manages a department store, asked if I planned to get one and I told him no. He convinced me with his ability to snag one without a pre-order, along with his insane employee discount. Luckily, it does turn on... and... yup... that's the PS4... I've played more NES and Gamecube since getting it...
Hello again,

"My friend, who manages a department store, asked if I planned to get one and I told him no. He convinced me with his ability to snag one without a pre-order, along with his insane employee discount."

Price point's also been a turn-off for me when it comes to new consoles. I just don't see myself paying $400-$500 for a new one at launch. Well, unless I paid for it gradually via layaway... which is what I did when I bought the Wii U at launch last year. I guess a part of me is still stuck in the past, where shelling out more than $300 for a new system seems a bit outrageous. Gotta learn to account for a couple decades of inflation I guess.

Another reason for my reluctance to early-adopt comes from all the RROD and YLOD horror stories I heard about in the first couple years of the previous-gen consoles' life cycles. Thanks anyway, I'll wait 'til the issues are mostly worked out... or until they roll out the more compact, better-performing models at a lower price point halfway into the systems' life cycles.

"I've played more NES and Gamecube since getting it..."

I'm not really surprised by this admission. If your videos are anything to go by, you're definitely more into the cartridge era of gaming than anything else. Nothing wrong with that, of course...

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