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Posted on Aug 17th 2008 at 07:05:27 AM by (ganonbanned)
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The time is around 1:30 this morning, I sat up in my room playing The legend of zelda: Link's awakening on my SNES's super gameboy, The light hum of an air conditioner in the background, every other mutant in the house fast asleep.

I went to go get some more kool-aid, when I happened to stumble upon a comic book.  Eastman  and laird's Teenage mutant ninja turtles adventures no. 7, I'd take a look if you happen to have a copy laying around.

I realized I haven't read this one, I pick it up and read decide to take a looksie.

It started off explaining the last few comics, but than completely cut-off.

The turtles were some how transported onto a meteorite by a cow that can talk and a capitalist tree-stump.  They forced the turtles to wear ridiculous costumes and fight some dog with 4 arms.  There was another fight going on, which, for no apparent reason at all, brought back leatherhead, a baddie that we thought was dead.

So the turtles win of course, the cow takes them back to there own place.  Think you've heard enough bull-shit already?  I think not.

The cow took them into New york, but it was flooded.  The cow says "Uh-oh, I didn't take you back to your right time..."

He than goes onto say that this is 100 years in the future, and its because of Ice caps melting and global warming.  Michelangelo declares that he doesn't like this future, and wants to go back to his own time.  The cow says this is one of many possible futures, and "only they we can change it" He proceeds to take the turtles along there merry way back to 1980's New york.

WTF??? What a line of liberal propaganda.  If I wanted to be brainwashed, I'd read some of Al gore's books, not a TMNT comic.  Seriously, I didn't know that people even believed this kind of bull-shit back in 1989.

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