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Posted on Jan 8th 2008 at 01:16:39 AM by (hXd)
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So as you all know I recently made the decision to come back to NY after failed attempts to get into school in Georgia. I got a call on Friday from a contact at my old school saying I had a chance to get into Ramapo College for the spring, providing that I had everything taken care of by this Wednesday. So on Saturday I packed my essentials into my car (computer, TV, video games, art supplies, clothes) and drove 15 1/2 hours to NY in a straight shot, for fear that my stuff would get stolen.

I'm currently in the process of gettings my things unpacked and in a somewhat organized fashion. I got my transcript from RCC today and tomorrow I hit Ramapo to hopefully seal the deal and get me back into school. I'm so excited about this it's not even funny.

I do miss Georgia, though. I had some good life experiences there (getting to bond with my dad and my other brother, life outside of Rockland, meeting someone...). Who knows, I could end up back there someday- I never say never. But for now I'm looking forward to school and getting my life back on track.

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Good to see you made it back to NY safely. Hope everything works out for you with school.

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