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Posted on Nov 29th 2007 at 06:01:54 PM by (hXd)
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So I'll start a blog here.

Let's see, what's going on with my life? My little brother is sick right now, 101 degree fever. We got him some ginger ale and chicken soup. I have to go to the bank today and deposit money. Then I'll promptly go spend it at GameStop or Best Buy.  Play some games. Wait for my lady to call me about the movies tonight. Possibly go to the movies tonight.

I need to make more friends down here in Georgia. All my friends are back in New York, and I'm going to see them and the rest of my family on Dec. 21st- 28th, can't wait! Of course the friend issue will change once I go back to school. Oh yeah, none of you guys know that story, let me fill you in.

The reason why i came down to Georgia was to go to this really good art school, all banking on the fact that the state's HOPE program would pay for the tuition. Since no one in my family does research (me included) we failed to realize that HOPE would not cover all of the expenses, and the school wanted 3/4 of my life to go there, so I declined. Then I tried Georgia State University. I was 2 months late for fall semester application. So now I work at a supermarket while getting my paperwork together for the spring semester.

I guess it's not a bad thing. I never would have met my lady that way (she works at the pharmacy), and it gave me some rest after the grueling semester that was my final one back in NY.

So I guess that's it for now. More later.


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Hey hXd. Welcome to the RFG Blogiverse. I'll be reading your future entries...

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So this is where I will ramble. About things.

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