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Posted on Dec 29th 2007 at 07:16:24 AM by (hXd)
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Wow what a week. From the moment I got off the plane to the minute I got on the returning flight was pure awesome. Synopsis?

Day 1: The first day I spent mostly with my family and we went to this awesome all you can eat Japanese place in New Jersey. Saw my little brothers, then I went and spent some quality time with the DTS crew, played Loaded Questions (a great party game btw) and went to the diner, ending at around 2 am.

Day 2: I went to my old job and saw some people very briefly, as the store was packed with people doing last minute food shopping for Christmas Eve/Day. Saw my little brothers again and my stepsister. Went bowling with some old co-workers.

Day 3: My little brothers were in a Christmas pageant at church so I went to see them, it was the cutetest thing. Went to Hoboken NJ to catch the ferry to NYC, and my family and I got soaking wet because it decided to pour. Went to see Cirque De Soleil's WINTUK. Nice narrative about a boy that wants to see snow, but it just wasn't a Cirque De Soleil show, it was rather dissapointing. Called it a night early.

Day 4 (Christmas Eve): Went to lunch at Chili's with some people from my town, went to church and back to my house for the annual Christmas Eve Extravaganza. One of my friends who lives in Boston came over, made the night so great. We played Smash Bros. with my little brother and later we watched Paprika. Everyone went home around 3 am.

Day 5 (Christmas): Went to my mom's in the morning to get my stocking and help my stepsister set up my brothers' Wii that they got for Christmas. We play Wii Sports and hilarity ensues. Went back to Grandma's for Christmas dinner. Now usually one of my aunts n' uncles on my mom's side hosts a Christmas party for that entire side of the family, but this year nobody did nanything, which was a bit depressing. So I just made my rounds to each of the branches to catch up with them. Went back to my mom's and played Guitar Hero with my stepsister until about 12-12:30.

Day 6: Visited one of my friends at A.C. Moore. We had guests for dinner and I recieved an impromptu call from a friend from college, we talked for a half an hour. Went to my BFF's house in Monroe for Rock Band and Guiatr Hero, got home around 2 am.

Day 7: Met some more friends for lunch. Last dinner with the family @ my favortie pizza place. Met someone from DTS to see I Am Legend, went back to her house for a few hours. Went to the diner again, said goodbye and came home at 3 am.

Day 8 (today): Packing and whatever was left of laundry. My mom and brothers came over to have lunch and say good bye. Left at 2pm to catch the plane. My flight was delayed about an hour and 35 minutes.

Ugh I so did not want to come back to Georgia.

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Sounds like you had a rather fun time. Too bad you had to go back to Georgia. It will be a cold day in hell if I ever take a job in the South.
Wow, sounds like you had a fun holiday! Well I hope you have a fun New Years too!

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