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Posted on Jul 31st 2011 at 06:25:40 PM by (ixtaileddemonfox)
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Today is Sunday and I traded my brother an old chest freezer for a Slimline PS2, 2 controllers,2 memory cards,red factoin,ghost recon 2,celebrity death match, metal gear solid 1-3,future tactics,bully,the incredibles,socom 1-3,TMNT,Simpsons road rage,grand theft auto san andreas-vice city,ultimate boardgame collection,guitar hero 2-3, and spyro eternal night all for ps2 ans monster madness for pc.

I got all this monday for $10.00

NBA in the zone 98,Scooby Doo classic creep capers,Waialae country club.

dow 6-1

and Barkley shut up and jam, fifa international soccer,nba jam te,troy aikmman football

dow 6-4

and playstation underground jampack summer 99, empty gamestop plastic case

dow 6-2

and grand theft auto manual and maps for pc

dow 6-3

2 sets of intec 6 in one sports kit

dow 6-6

and game player heand held.

dow 6-5

Just went to check the mail and got my Game & Watch ball from club nintendo.

dow 6-8

Tuesday went to the thrift store and picked these up for $5.00
Galaxy of majonng for pc and bandits soundtrack

dow 6-10

and madden 98 for sega, nba jam for gameboy, and nfl blitz for N64

dow 6-9

a headset for pc.

dow 6-11

And Tuesday evening I  went to pick up the sega lot i won off gamegavel from nes-rules for $20.00.

This auction was for two Genesis 2 units, with 9 total games, 4 controllers, and an AC adapter. The AC adapter included is not an original, but the specs are exactly the same as the original.

Games included were:
     Sonic the Hedgehog (Game and box)
     Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1 is loose, other is CIB)
     Eternal Champions (CIB)
     Aladdin (game and box)
     Desert Strike
      Fun 'N' Games
     Sonic Spinball
     PGA Tour III

dow 6-7

(Let me know if using your pic bothers you Nes-Rules and Ill take it down.)

And while I was there I picked these up too for $50.00.
Zelda, Super Mario 64, Superman, Wrestlemania 2000, Battle Tanx, Monster Truck Maddness 64, Namcomeusam, Sub Zero, wcw/nwo revenge, pokemon Stadium, WWF Warzone, and Box for Star Wars Episode 1 Racer.

dow 6-12

And Onimusha 2 for PS2, Tigger's Honey Hunt for PS, Trickstyle for Dreamcast.

dow 6-13

Saturday I stopped at kidzone and picked These up for $10.00

Highschool musical 3 dance for ps2

DOW 6-a

and a gameboy advance case a mario coveralls NDS case and AN Xbox 360 backpack that im pretty sure was a promotional offer from kelloggs in 2007.

dow 6-c

Then I stopped at a yardsale And got like 200 VHS tapes and 10 dvds for $15.00 and this was mixed in.

dow 6-b


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