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Posted on Jul 24th 2011 at 06:47:51 PM by (ixtaileddemonfox)
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Burned my brother some dvds and he gave me an xbox, starwars kotor 1 and 2,buffy chaos bleeds,growlanser heritage of war limited edition, 7 Stephan king books, Batman Hush hardbacks vol 1 and 2, and the legend of Drizzt book 1 comic.

Monday I orderd the giant AR card off club nintendo.

stopped at a yardsale today and a gameboy advance sp case ,little red riding hood for vsmile,Zayzoo an earth adventure for vsmile and rumble roses for ps2 for 4 bucks

Posted on Jul 22nd 2011 at 03:44:48 AM by (ixtaileddemonfox)
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Picked up Arcade legends tetris, a atari plug n play, 3 tiger style handhelds and tigerwoods 99 for ps,nba live 99, madden 99, world series baseball 2k1 for dreamcast For $10.00 trade in credit a kidzone a consignment store here in my town.

And Ordered Both game and watch collections off nintendo rewards.

And my buddy gave me Spider man web of shadows for PS2.

Traded my buddy a tylenol for Big Game Hunter hunting unlimited for pc it was a good joke lol.

Got a Mini Fridge Saturday for my gameroom for $70

I went to yard sales today and got

Gameboy Advance Sp with headphones charger, ET and the cosmic garden, for $10.00.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team switch n carry nintendo ds case for $1.00.
For PS2 ATV off road fury 3, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Ben 10 Protector of earth, Superman Shadow of Apokolips, And Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepants for $10.00.
2 Plug N Play games for $4.00.
Su Doku handheld for 50 cents
Guitar Hero PS2 controller for $3.00
Cool Boarders 2 for 10 cents

Put my extra microwave in my game room.

Posted on Jul 11th 2011 at 03:39:51 PM by (ixtaileddemonfox)
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Drove to nes-rules house (mike) on Sunday and picked up the atari I won on gamegavel. it came with 26 games it was a very good deal.
While I was there I bought Final Fantasy Anthology,spyro, and Guantlet Legends for playstation and Naruto Ultimate Ninja for PS2 for $10.00.
Then I also traded him a nintendo calculator and super mario bros 3 guide for a Game Genie for game gear, a gameshark for gameboy color, and Gran Turismo 2 for PS.

On Saturday I got NFL 2k for dreamcast for 50 cents.

Posted on Jul 4th 2011 at 10:27:54 AM by (ixtaileddemonfox)
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Well The start of a new week all I have bought so far was the lengendary cars pack for burnout paradise off the playstation network for $4.99.

Well its monday now and I got Legend of Dragoon off my brother I traded him an old 3.0 megapixel digital camera for it.

Just went to see my mom and she gave me a pocket blackjack game made by radica.
Ordered Nier for ps3 off amazon on monday for 13.00

Well Wendsday I traded 3 playstaton wrestling games for sonic for playstation 3.

On Thursday I think I made a pretty good deal with my buddy I traded him mortal kombat vs dc aand $150 for his 3ds and dead or alive dimensions.

And Then I found a great deal on craigslist I got 4 psp game and 3 ds games for $1 dollaer each. they didnt have cases or instructions though. PSP Games were Star Ocean first departture , Tomcancys endwar, Secret Agent Clank, and Naruto ultimate ninja heroes. NDS games were Simanimals, Julian michals ultimate fitness 2010, and Elite forces unit 77.

Got three stand-alone handhelds at the thrift store on friday for $2.00 they are pacman, classic baseball, and yahtzee.

Its Saturday and I took a trip to the goodwill and got a new shelf for my games for $10 and an iquest for $2.00.

Posted on Jul 1st 2011 at 08:14:26 PM by (ixtaileddemonfox)
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Just thought I would share the deals I found during the week.

Wheel of Fortune Handheld game and a loose copy of Unreal Tounament 2 for $1.00 on friday.

Just wanted to add I i got a leapfrog leapster wirh 2 games learning with leap and kindergarten and a segagenesis vol 1 plug n play tv game and 3 playstation controller extensions oh and the leapster came in a case.  I got that on saturday  and it all cost $22 dollars. Plus I picked up PK ,out of the shadows  for $2.99 at Game on a local gamestore here.
And X-men origins: wolverine uncaged edition from same place for 15.99 for ps3. And on saturday I orderd Dissidia 012 off square enix,s website for 29.99.

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