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Posted on Feb 25th 2009 at 07:43:06 PM by (Izret101)
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So we know a bit about some of the people here on RFGen. But mostly we just know their username or handle.

I was thinking about interviewing the members of RFG maybe so people could get a better sense of each other, learn something interesting, find some random commonality maybe?

I don't want your phone numbers, addresses or even your social security* or bank account information*.

Basically what this blog boils down to is what do you want to know about each other or let others know about yourselves?

Who do you most want to see interviewed?
What kind of questions would you be curious to have answered?

This won't be limited to staff or donors or members. Those who are active on the site, blogs, boards or our long time (and new) drifters/trolls/
 Hopefully this will turn into a tome of many (or maybe even all) of our members who make RFGen what it is.

The basic questions I would like to ask are:
How did you find RFGeneration?
What made you join?
Whats your favorite game or series? Why?
What do you do outside of RFG?

So what does everyone else think?

*Though if you are interested in donating me this information i will be sure to only sell it to the highest bidder or keep it to myself Wink

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Great Idea!!

I'd also love to hear why they stick around rfgen.

I like this idea. Should be fun getting to know some of us a bit better. Smiley
I already know everyone who posts.

I hate you all.
@The Metamorphosing Leon:lol...the feeling is mutual! Tongue
Glad people like the idea. Smiley
Anyone in particular you might like to see interviewed?
Any questions you might want to see answers to?

I really just have a couple extremely basic questions right now.
We sort of did something on this:

I think there is one for more of them. Encourage your staff members to do it.
You can interview me if you so wish.
Love the idea. Helps capitalize on the sense of community this site has that other sites lack.
Thanks guys.
The first (or i guess second instalment.)
Is going to be up VERY shortly Smiley

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