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Posted on Apr 30th 2009 at 07:19:53 PM by (Izret101)
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My 21st b-day was nothing like how i hoped it would go.
It had decidedly less drinking than i had hoped for and involved much less fun in general.

Midnight(yes it literally started sucking the first minute of the day)
I wasn't very tired and kind of restless so i was kicked out of bed by Aubrey because i kept waking her up.

Aubrey comes out and tells me to stop leaving the closet light on. Its a pretty much dead florescent so when i want it on it doesn't turn on. When i need it it either doesn't turn on or is so dim its useless.

One of the dogs starts whining. I promptly smack its crate and yell at it to shut the fuck up.

family is all getting ready to go to work/school i wake repeatedly

Aubrey wakes me up because she was going to make me breakfast. She doesn't know the only breakfast items we have is oatmeal so i know i will not be woken back up since nothing will be cooked.

8:30 am
Rowan slept in late Smiley

Rowan has breakfast. Me and Aubs smoke cigs, rowan plays outside, we watch TV and Heroes after Rowan goes down for a nap.

Electricity gets shut off. For a few hours because somehow the dumbass in the vehicle was unaware we had payed our bill.

I spent the last half hour smoking, lifting weights, punching our freezer/refrigerator, looking for the phone number to the electric company so i could bitch them out. Rowan is awake now so we get him ready to go to the park.

3ish pm
We make it to the Park after picking up a mutual friend so she could get out of the house.
Rowan stares at kids, doesn't like the swings this time, does like the slides this time and just runs around and discovers things.

we are back at our friends house. She makes hot dogs and mac and cheese for everyone. Yum breakfast/lunch. Butterscotch pudding for dessert.

We get back home. Rowan is pretty cranky from having lots of action and not so much naptime earlier. I get a card from my grandmother with 20 bucks

Rowan goes down for bed a little early. We watch wheel of fortune and Jeopardy.

I go to the packy and pick up small bottle Grey Goose and a bottle of Mudslide.
Get home and get ready to watch Lost. Mom gets home gives me a cake and 50 bucks.

The rest of the night we watched lost. I had a strong vodka and diet pepsi drink and a shot then i crashed on the couch again since Aubrey had to go to bed early to get up early for work.

Not how i had wished it would go. I did have alot of fun with Rowan but the day was pretty much tainted by the overwhelming sameness of it.

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