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Posted on Oct 14th 2007 at 01:49:56 PM by (James)
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My birthday is in less than a month and my gran and aunt have "given" 200 for me to buy something special for my 21st with. I say "given" because the money isn't the present. Whatever I buy will be wrapped up and handed over on my birthday. I've decided on another watch (I have four already) but I don't know what else to buy with the other ~100.

I've been interested in a pair of 5.1 Headphones for a while but the one I would like is 75 at the cheapest of only two places I can find selling them. Would a very expensive pair of headphones be a good present for myself? I'm probably only looking for reassurance but I could easily be talked out of it because of the price. They're called Sharkoon X-Tatic.

I don't want to buy more games because they get old quickly and aren't really "special". But then would headphones be "special" just because they cost a lot? I don't want to make my gran and aunt feel like they've wasted some money on me.

(The question marks in front of numbers are supposed to be pound signs)

5 minutes later: I found the headphones on a computer website I like to use for only 65 + postage which is actually free for me because of a deal with another site I use.

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If you already have 4 watches why use half the money getting another one?

Go for the headphones and something else that has piqued your interest recently.
Maybe something you would be less likely to buy for yourself?
I too wouldn't spend half the money on something I already have a bunch of. But you probably collect them; so do what you want.
I like watches. I can't be without one for too long or else I lose track of the time. They're also long lasting which is the point of getting one for my birthday. Three of my watches were from special occaisions like leaving school, and the other one I bought while on drugs. Tongue I wouldn't say I collect them but I do like having a choice of watches.

I'm a "man who has everything" kind of person. I can't think of what I want to get then I suddenly impulse buy random rubbish which has no sentimental meaning.
I used to never leave home with out my watch. However, I'd wear it so often that I'd have a watch tan. I have since stopped wearing watches during the summer to keep myself from having a watch tan. Thankfully, cell phones keep time.

I have two fossil watches. I love them both, but one was from my mom that I have a special fondness for. 

Needless to say, I like watches, and watches are good.

Also, Your color pallete has shown that perhaps I should tweak the template to show the gray all the across the top of the nav block. It currently does not do that since the Dark Gray of the RF Generation template would make it indistinguishable.
I have 4-5 watches myself but it is too hot here to wear them. If you like watches for for it. I would buy a game I have been wanting and the headphones.

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