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Posted on Sep 11th 2011 at 03:57:54 PM by (jcalder8)
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After some very positive feedback I am going to continue writing out my life story.... or at least the parts that are G rated and have something to do with video games. For anyone who has not read part 1 here is an easy to find link: LINK 
When I finished the first part I had finished by writing about the Intellivision which remains my favorite pre-NES system. During this part I..... well you'll have to keep reading to find out.

Every summer we would go to a Kamp Ground of America(KOA) and there they would have an amazing room filled with arcade machines. I would estimate that they had between 8 and 10 games but as the years passed they decreased the number until they probably only had 2 or 3. As I said we never had a lot of money but I would always be given two quarters a day so that I could play a couple of games. Like most kids my age I would watch the games run through their attract mode, this is something that I have passed along to my own son so this tradition can continue(actually in all honesty I still love watching it play through). I have a vivid memory of sitting on a stool and watching Excitebike play through.

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Posted on Aug 29th 2011 at 05:37:49 AM by (jcalder8)
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     I always thought that it would be cool to write a book about my life, not that I have lived an especially exciting one but we all have stories that would translate into good reading. Of course that is never going to happen unless I write and publish the book myself but thanks to RF Gen and the internet I have an opportunity to at least share it with everyone on here.... Who knows maybe it will even lead to a book and movie deal..... maybe not.

     I will be turning 30 this year and I thought that as a treat to myself that I would finally start to write down all the different memories that I have of growing up, or at least the ones that relate to my favorite past time, and now near obsession, video games.

     I was born on a snowy December 29th day in Mission BC, it does not really have much to do with anything gaming related apart from the fact that I used to combine Christmas and Birthday money into bigger and better gifts, but more on that later. I have 1 older brother so it meant that I was able to get away with more than he was. I also had a minor health scare when I was young so I think that made my mom want to spoil me a bit more than my brother, or maybe it was just that I would ask for more than he would.

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