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Posted on Apr 17th 2015 at 05:06:24 AM by (64bit warrior)
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I was looking over my collection and thought "Do I really need to complete each of thrthe series I have?". Because there are good games and bad games from a franchise, there are games from the same franchise but different genre. Do we really have to go out and extensively search for the final game in a trilogy? Even if they aren't as good as the rest?

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I have 125 Mortal Kombat games listed in my collection at the moment.
Yes i need them all.

It really comes down to a matter of personal preference. I've bought, played, collected other series out of order. With out hesitation or worrying about the rest of the series/spin offs.

Like so much else it just depends on the individual persons preference.

I'm a fan of collecting series for a few reasons.  I like it when narrative arcs, themes, characters, and/or stories progress across a few titles, I enjoy looking at how games change to reflect their era, system, and demographic, and I enjoy developing or alternative art styles and soundtracks.

There will always be weaker/stronger titles in a series, but for me it is usually worth it to get a whole set.
I was thinking, for example, after the Sands of Time trilogy the series dropped off so is it worth pursuing the series any further because they take up valuable space on the shelf, mine is particularly small, and therefore have games all over the place just to complete the series. Even if you do not play them?
@64bit warrior:All depends on what you're going for.  The important part is to decide that first, then follow through as you can.

I really enjoyed the 2008 standalone Prince of Persia, for what it's worth.
@slackur I have kinda gone against what I have said about shelf space and my two Billy bookcases are overflowing at the moment.
@Izret101 - Yowza!  125 MK games?  I'm assuming you're talking all versions of MK, MK2, and MK3 across all platforms, plus all the cross-plat releases of later MK titles, spin-offs, etc.?  That's quite a feat!  I have a friend who's a King of Fighters nut, and he's aiming for a complete collection of all KoF titles, each release/version, across all platforms, including Neo Geo AES carts.  It's kind of insane, but also a fun adventure to go and hunt this stuff down and try to get it all.  That's one of the things I like about doing the whole Game Boy Guru project - the hunt for obscure, unwanted, rare, or weird games.  It's more than just playing and writing about the games for me, it's the whole experience that will be memorable and interesting throughout.
@MetalFRO: My 125 count is actually low.
It includes variants, handhelds, plug and play, imports, you name it.

Type Mortal Kombat into the search tool. If i don't have it already i want it CIB Wink
@MetalFRO: For me it is just hunting the more well known trilogies for PS1 and PS2, also looking out for games that are not mentioned that often. Plus what people call "hidden gems" that loads of people know about eg. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (PAL of course).

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