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Posted on Apr 17th 2015 at 05:07:46 AM by (64bit warrior)
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I was looking over my collection and thought "Do I really need to complete each of thrthe series I have?". Because there are good games and bad games from a franchise, there are games from the same franchise but different genre. Do we really have to go out and extensively search for the final game in a trilogy? Even if they aren't as good as the rest?

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I personally try to complete the collections, even if i dont so much care for a certain game in a certian series. I just like being able to say i have the COMPLETE COLLECTION of so and so. Just how i feel about it personally.
It depends on how passionate you are about a game series. This is common with anyone who collects a subset of a game. Like all the Konami NES games. Sure the Castlevanias are great, but then you have Laser Invasion and Bill Elliot NASCAR. Subsets aside, I am not sure if there is any game series, that I personally want to complete.

Wait... this blog post posted twice.
@mumboking: Not sure why it came out twice but it did.

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