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Posted on Sep 22nd 2015 at 06:21:30 AM by (64bit warrior)
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I have had a few people ask ne when do games become retro? I reply "What do you think?" Which normally ends up talking about the N64.
Personally I think that "retro" games for this era of gaming ends with the PS1 and N64. Why? Because the style of gaming and game design have changed since then. Platformers have turned to FPSs and "immersion" is the hot topic. There was very little hand holding but now we have on screen prompts and a big arrow telling you where to go.
What do you think?

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My take is that any video game system and games that are 'aged out' of availability in commercial retail is 'retro.' But that's my opinion.
A good many people draw the line at where cartridge games basically ended and disc-based games began. This is pretty much what we use from the playthroughs (though we include the PS1 as retro). There is some overlap of course. I'm sure that over the years, this too will change and we will put these games into "ages" like comic books. Smiley
I could see both being valid points. I always considered anything "retro" to be prior to the PS1/N64 era, as that was, what I think, was the biggest revolution in gaming, going from 2D, pixelated graphics to full blown 3D, polygonal graphics. Games go back so far, but everyone has their opinion and I think it may have to do partly with when the person grew up. Someone who is 20 years old now might consider PS2 to be retro for all we know.
Excellent question.  Now I do believe that the answer is entirely subjective, but I nonetheless do have an opinion.  I most associate the word "retro" with these two phrases, often uttered by an individual when playing a game:

1) "Wow.  This didn't age well."

2) "Hey, this still looks/sounds/plays good."

Pretty simple.

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