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Posted on Feb 17th 2014 at 12:42:31 PM by (kornnut43)
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In looking at my YouTube channel's suggestions for "sprucing things up" a little bit, they suggested I create a trailer (of sorts) to tell people what the channel would be all about.  After going through some old home movies to see just how video games had an effect on me growing up, I had some fun in creating this.  I also had some help from my friend Jordan (who also participates in the Nostalgicast episodes), who provided the killer soundtrack for the trailer.


Posted on Feb 4th 2014 at 12:48:49 PM by (kornnut43)
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Hi folks!

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, mostly because I've been posting semi-regularly at my blog over at ControlPadBlues.com.

I know a few of my friends read the blog whenever I post, and I don't think I have much of a following, which I am completely okay with!  This was, after all, a personal journey through my own childhood memories, and an outlet that was infinitely better than random Facebook statuses that were sure to have me "hidden" from many friends' feeds.  haha

In any case, after completing my Top 100 favourite games countdown, my friend Jordan asked the million dollar question;  "what do you do next?"

Well, to tell the truth, I still have a dinky little Notepad document with various games and the childhood memories I have attached to them.  Whenever I feel like writing up a post, I refer to that, and make the best use of those skills I gathered before dropping out of Journalism at Saint Thomas University (here in Fredericton, New Brunswick).

Avoid clutter.  That is all.  Smiley

Anyway, aside from Grand Theft Auto V (which is beautiful and a lot of fun, by the way), my interest in more recent games has dwindled.  How could I get "back on the wagon", so to speak?

Moving the blog into video form, of course!

The concept is pretty simple - play games, remenisce about all the little things in life that playing them reminds us of, include a bit of visual stimulation to break up the "monotony" of "just gameplay", and share it for the world to see.

We couldn't care less if he and I ended up being the only two who watched these videos, and we honestly think that's the way we should approach these.

Here's the catch, however.

Jordan is from here in Fredericton, but lives in Montreal, about a nine hour drive away.  He was my witness when I married my wife in 2011, and I was his witness when he married his wife just last September.  I don't doubt that being this far away from his family can be pretty tough, at times, so I think playing through some games together can help bridge that gap a little bit.

Of course, there is no way to play these together aside from emulators, which I feel a bit dirty in using.  I used to be a-ok using them, but once I started collecting, fuggetaboutit.  Still, it's the only way for us to do this...  for now.

In any case, we hope to have the first video up by next week, some time.  We spent an hour and a half playing (and being awful at) Super Mario Bros. 2 last night, and we feel that we've done a pretty fun job of remeniscing.

At least for us, anyway.  That's all that matters, isn't it?  Smiley

Posted on Sep 19th 2012 at 09:32:18 AM by (kornnut43)
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I try not to clog everyone's sidebars with blog posts relating to my other, more personal non-RFGenerations blog...  I figure if you're gonna read it, you've already got it bookmarked, and don't need to hear about it here.  haha

Still, for this one particular post, I figured I'd bring to your attention.  It deals with a subject close to me, which is breast cancer.

I used to run in a NASCAR simulator online league, and made great friends (and fierce competitors) along the way.  One of them was my friend Jared, who now races another game online.

He thought it would be a great idea to try and raise funds for the CIBC's Run for the Cure, which benefits the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  He's trying a variety of different methods of raising money, and he asked if I could have a shout-out on my blog for him.

I hesitated at first, not knowing how I'd relate to video games (because, after all, that's what my blog is 100% supposed to be about).  Thankfully, I managed to write a lot more than I expected to, and in a round-about way, was still talking about video games!


Check out the blog if you wish, since it's for a great cause.

Also, if his goal is met, Jared will paint his go-kart pink for the final event of his professional karting season.  As someone who used to clash with him on the virtual track on a regular basis, I wouldn't mind seeing this come to fruition.  Smiley

Cheers, folks!

Posted on Aug 28th 2012 at 01:58:23 PM by (kornnut43)
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A recent trend on Twitter was #10favoritegames, which had my friend and I going back and forth about why we chose the ten games we did.  It wasn't necessarily a heated debate, but the number of games we considered favourites quickly escalated from ten to about twenty each.

"OH, damn, forgot so-and-so" was repeated a few times between both of us, and we joked that we would need a Top 100, not a measly Top 10.

That got me thinking...  maybe I *should* make a Top 100 list of my favourite games of all time.  Yeah, it'd be tough to actually create such a list, but it would be fun trying!

So, thanks to RF Generation and the ability to look at my collection and wishlist (I figure that pretty much covers all my bases in terms of favourite games), I was able to narrow my collection of 550-plus games into the 100 I enjoy more than any other.

Sorting them in order of preference was a bit of a challenge, but once that was taken care of, I couldn't wait to share my own list with friends.  Each entry will have a bit of the "childhood memory" feel to it like the rest of the blog was intended for, but really, I just expect a fun little jaunt down memory lane.

MY Top 100 - #100

Also, a bit of a disclaimer to anyone who might actually be interested in this countdown of mine...  there are certain genres I've never really enjoyed playing that much, notably RPG's.  The countdown will be void of anything Final Fantasy-related, or even Chrono Trigger.  It'll also have a few critically panned games, but then again, we all have those games that are guilty pleasures.

Keep that in mind...  on that note, I hope you enjoy my countdown!

Posted on Apr 24th 2012 at 12:30:19 PM by (kornnut43)
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I'm not sure how much I'll end up posting to this blog in particular, because I do have another one on the go already.


Some time last year, realized that almost every game I own (500 and counting) has a vivid memory attached to it.  Through the power of the blogisphere - is that even a word? - I've decided to share them with whoever reads them.

Keep in mind, it's a personal blog, and stories might be told in my own quirky way.  Enjoy!

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