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Posted on Sep 17th 2021 at 03:01:01 PM by (krawling1)
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If you still don't know what Twitch is, we'll tell you that it's the hosting platform that helped your favorite online games come to life. Sure, online gaming with hundreds of players wouldn't surprise anyone anymore, but over the years, there's been one little problem. Let's get right to the point, that problem has been cyberbullying, but not in its traditional form. Many people think of cyberbullying as insults on social networks, chat rooms, and unfriendly behavior on any other platform.

But as we see with the streaming platform Twitch, cyberbullying has become a big problem for those interested in online gaming. This is because players often interact with different people while playing, so any intolerance can reach a new level here. According to Twitch, incidents of racism, discrimination towards members of minorities, and expressions of nationalistic views have become too frequent. This is the lurking reason for the changes from January 2021. That's why many players prefer to play free online casino games Canada where racism hasn't taken any place.

Key changes

Although online players can report incidents of bullying or harassment, there is little oversight. The upcoming changes will allow for more severe penalties for offenders, such as a lifetime ban of players; further intolerance may cause the legal side of the situation to be considered. This is excellent news for those who have been a victim of discrimination during the game online because now the whole team is working hard to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with the game and not to spoil your mood in any way.

For this reason, it is hoped that examples of such situations will begin to disappear from the lives of teens and adults.

Why are these changes being introduced?

In the world of online gaming, there is no place for pointless abusive behavior and conversations that aim to anger other players. After all, online gaming platforms are a place for fun, not for posting angry comments. While this sort of thing is happening, cyberbullying on online gaming platforms can result far worse than what might happen on other platforms. That's because you see comments that are aimed directly at you, and of course, that subsequently damage your mental health.

If you've been a victim of intolerance for a long time, you've probably experienced a drop in self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and even loss of self-respect in extreme cases. People don't go to online gaming platforms for that purpose, so Twitch is now taking it to the next level to stop all forms of discrimination. Suppose they can spot such behavior and respond to it quickly. In that case, all of its listed potential consequences will be reduced, and people can stop worrying about such situations while playing online.

Games that attract problems

Interestingly, there is a strong connection between games and emotions, as many gaming platform hosts have already guessed. There are two particular types of gaming activity that feed pockets of hatred and intolerance, as they are the ones that have a stimulating effect on the players themselves. The first example among such games is representatives of the online shooter genre, such as Call Of Duty. Of course, in this game, you walk around the map and try not only to outsmart the enemy but to outplay him. Such violence on the screen can reveal the worst qualities of some players, who often turn into a source of online hatred. But we see problems not only in Call Of Duty itself - this description fits all games with elements of brutality.

Even though in shooters you can see many players who spend one game together, this problem is also found in one-on-one matches. This is because communication channels are always open to constant insults from the same person. For example, we can see this in FIFA, where you often play with the same person for about 10 minutes. As you know, FIFA is one of the games that can annoy a player quite quickly, so sometimes it comes with an abusive attitude.

Final thought

We all love online gaming, but we should remember that online abusiveness is something we need to pay close attention to. Twitch has taken up this cause, so we hope that the future of online gameplay looks brighter and that soon abuse will be a thing of the distant past.

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