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Posted on Apr 24th 2012 at 10:37:01 PM by (lazyhoboguy)
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So after 5 years my fat model 40 gig ps3 died. It started turning itself off after like 10 mins of gameplay for a day or two. Then started turning off immediately every time i turned on the ps3. From asking around and reading online sounds like some thermal paste or something like that inside is cheap and leads to crap inside the ps3 melting and getting broken eventually. My ps3 was in a well ventilated area too. I really did not feel like spending money on buying a new ps3. 250 bucks seemed a bit high for a new one to me. I had made up my mind that I was just going to suffer for like 6 months to a year and wait for a price drop. I was considering buying a used wii, even though there's only a handful of games I want to play on that. I freaking hate waggle bulls**t.

Anyways, an evil terrible corporation who I normally wouldn't touch with an on million foot pole ended up coming to rescue. Gamestop, *PUKES*, had a great deal on a new ps3 that is for a week only. It last until the 26th I believe. You can get a new 160 gig ps3 for 200 bucks (50 off the normal price). You also get one free new game and have a choice between that new batman game or the komplete edition of the Mortal Kombat game. Since I don't care for fighting games much I just sold gamestop Mortal Kombat back. Used the 30 dollar credit and bought used copies of Dj Hero 1 and Dj Hero 2 on the ps3, as well as a new in box DJ hero controller. I've wanted to try that series for forever, and I basically got to for free.

Gamestop also had a buy 2 get 1 free thing on ps2 and gc games. Although 80 percent of the games had no manual or case artwork, automatically disqualifying them from my consideration, I still managed to find some games. Got Midnight Club 2, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. They were all around 5 bucks and of course one was free because of the deal. I dont have a ddr mat yet but I'll get one eventually. I've never actually tried DDR before, but I'm curious to do so.

My body and mind feel like really confused though. I walked away from Gamestop this time feeling a feeling I've never ever in a trillion year felt while shopping there. I was actually satisfied.. they actually did not screw me over or rip me off in any way shape or form this time. I of course double checked every little thing before leaving the store, due to my pass experiences of being f***ed in the ass their so frequently. But nope, everything was fine this time. What is this world coming too... I don't even know who I am any more. For a temporary time in my life, I was happy with Gamestop. ewwww

Youtubes Whoring

I tried something new again on my channel and recorded some skype talk between myself and another guy I game online with a lot. We were playing X-men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse online co-op on the Playstation 2. I thought our stupid jokes were funny, but am really curious if other people do and want to see more of this. Let me know if you liked it or want us to go die in a fire.

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Have been forgetting to post my blogs on this site for awhile, so am going to start doing it again since this seems like a cool community. Rather than post a ton of older blogs here, I'll just give you the link to my gamespot blog if you want to read my blogs over the past few months. In the future I'll post my new blogs here as well. (

Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs (Gameboy)

This game is interesting for about 10 minutes. Then very quickly you get sick of the extreeeeme repetition and needless frustration.I had very fond memories of this game, as it was one of the first video games I ever had. Unfortunately, my happy nostalgic memories of this game couldn't hide the fact that the actual game is pretty mediocre.

You play as an Native American looking guy and you start the game with a knife and bow. You will fight the same 2 or 3 enemy types over and over for the whole first level and the combat is pretty boring. Enemies will always just charge at you then charge in the opposite direction, then back at you again. So the best strategy is to tip toe your way right to the limits of their patrolling range and poke them with your knife a few times. Sometimes enemies will stand in place and shoot at you if they have a gun. Annoyingly, hitting an enemy with any weapon doesn't slow them down or stop them, they will continue charging at you undeterred by the consequences of very recent shotgun blasts to the face or shankings from your knife. It is pretty annoying because often you will hit them then they will charge at you and damage you 2 or 3 times even while you are hitting them. I guess the enemies just have no fear of death or feel no pain or something. Perhaps all the enemies are on drugs I don't know. Really, it's probably just a badly developed combat system. Oh, and you wont just fight each enemy in the level one time, you will surely have to backtrack many times and refight all the boring enemies.

Really though this game is less of a side-scrolling shooter and more of a platformer. The platforming isn't easy either. You have to be pretty precise and then you have to be ready to whip out a weapon to attack the enemies that often ambush you right when you land a jump. This game is like 60 percent platformer 40 percent combat. The platforming is more fun than the combat so that is good I guess. Plus you have to ration all your bullets since ammo pickups aren't all that frequent. You always feel guilty using your guns since they have limited ammo so most times you will have to use your knife then in order to conserve your ammo anyways.

The game is setup so you have to collect 3 key things to progress to the next level, but usually when you find one key you have to drop down and backtrack through the entire level again. If you are observant of the levels and find semi-hidden new weapons, guess what your reward is? You get to drop down and backtrack again through the level to reach where you decided to jump to get the weapon... Later on when you find the second key can you possibly guess what happens?, the game all of a sudden gets amazing and you never backtrack again. That is what happens.... I wish heh. Of course now you have to drop down and walk through the level yet again...

I played until level 3 and the repetition and extremely frequent backtracking was enough for me. After probably 10 years of not playing this, I never feel the need to play it again.

The gameplay is just extremely tedious because of the backtracking and boring combat. The only fun moments are when you discover a new more powerful weapon that will be fun to use for awhile until you have to mow down tons of boring enemies with it and your brief moment of joy for finding the weapon is immediately gone as you realize that your punishment for finding the weapon is that you have to jump down to an earlier part of the level and backtrack again.

The one thing this game did very well though, is the soundtrack. The songs is this game are pretty great. I think even as a kid a reason I kept playing this game was because I liked the music.

So basically, this game is only worth playing for about 30 minutes to hear the music. After that, the crappy gameplay will make you never want to play the game for a very long time despite how good the music is. Holy backtracking s*** I said backtrack a lot in this blog. Not my choice though since that is what the majority of the game consists of.

The game should really be called Turok: Backtrack of the Backtrackosaurs on the Backtendo TrackBoy...

If you want to see some backtracking in video form, here you go:

I also tried doing my very first gaming video review on youtube if you want to check it out:

Posted on Nov 21st 2011 at 10:32:13 AM by (lazyhoboguy)
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I just registered on this site although I had visited it a few times in the past years. Seems to be a pretty cool place. I've been blogging and enjoying the community of for a lot of years and thought I'd post my blogs over here too when I make them. I'll keep posting them here too if people don't hate them haha. If you want to read my older blogs you can find them here:

Dead Space 1

Wow. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this game so much. It feels like a mixture between Resident Evil 4 and Doom 3 which were both games I liked quite a bit. It feels extremely inspired by Doom 3 to me. The space setting, use of lighting to make things scarey, and slow-paced nature of exploring corridors all make it feel a lot like Doom 3. It even has random audio and video logs scattered about just like Doom 3. The game feels like Resident Evil 4 since it is a 3rd person perspective and you have to do a lot of ammo and item management. I've also read around on the internet that this game is supposedly influenced by the Alien movies, but I wouldn't know since I haven't seen them yet.

If you have played Resident Evil 4, Doom 3, or survival horror games though do not start this game on the normal mode. I reached chapter 4 on this mode and never died once from an enemy. I died only once from an environmental danger that I didn't notice until it insta-killed me. On normal mode the game doesn't feel like survival horror at all and felt like a piece of cake third person shooter. I rarely ever got hit by anything and because of that I had tons of health items and ammo that I was never in any of danger of needing. I wasn't all that impressed with the game while playing on this mode. As soon as I started playing on hard mode though the game really started getting fun. On hard mode you have to be much more precise with your aim since there is less ammo and enemies take more hits. One important and cool aspect to the gameplay is that you have stasis which lets you slow down an enemy for a small amount of time. You really have to make good use of this on the hard mode since your supply of stasis is limited and many of the enemies are fast and attack in groups.

The game doesn't really feel scary to me, but neither did Resident Evil 4 or Doom 3 really. It has a creepy atmosphere like those games since you know enemies might pop out around any random corner. That is not really a flaw at all though. I didn't get the game because I wanted it to be scary. The only real small flaws I will mention are that the melee combat feels a bit awful. You can b****slap or stomp on enemies, but aiming these attacks feels really imprecise to the point that they are pretty pointless to ever use unless you have no ammo for any gun at all and there is absolutely nothing in the environment for you to toss at an enemy (yea there you can magically pick up and toss s*** at enemies with your hand like in Timesplitter's Future Perfect).

I hear this game has a new game plus mode where it gets harder and you keep your upgraded stuff. That sounds like something up my alley. This might turn out to be an extremely repayable game then. It already feels quite lengthy as I have put in a good amount of hours and am on like chapter 5 or 6. I might be wrong, but I believe i heard there were 12 chapters total.

After beating Dark Souls 2 times every game I tried to get into just couldn't match up haha. This is the first one that got me engrossed and not missing dark souls the whole time while playing it. Although, I still am playing Demon's Souls again sometimes because I am a weak addict.

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