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Posted on May 23rd 2011 at 01:17:52 PM by (liamo)
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.Hi guys i've been holding on to a sealed PAL copy of tomcat alley for sega mega cd for many many many years now. I have been several offers in the region of 30 to 50 pounds for this mint condition game but i feel that it would be worth a lot more should i wish to sell it,so i was kind of wondering if there where any retro game buyer guides or booklets out there like there are for record collectors?

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Your best bet is probably going to be looking at completed ebay auctions. All the price charts I know of are geared toward US games, and they're not always the same for PAL games.
I'm going to guess that the game isn't worth much, even sealed. Its a very common game, and even sealed common games don't sell for a whole lot. I'd say the offers you've received have been fair. All this is assuming the PAL version of the game is of similar rarity as the US version, it could be more rare though, so check ebay and that'll give you a good idea at least.
Considering that Tomcat Alley was a pack-in for the MegaCD 2 at one point, and the game has a rarity of 2, I'd guess that those offers were more than fair.

...are we missing something special about this game that we're unaware of? I'm seeing sales of $10 for open copies.
Thanks for your comments guys, i was just baffled as to how you put a price on a sealed old item like that but i'm a lot clearer now.
Nothing special about the game apart from i've kept it sealed for over 15yrs. Some guy from Germany just offered me 40 for it so it may be more sought after overseas. Might take this offer as i'm not getting the 5 million pounds i was hoping for, plus i cant stand seeing it there wrapped up any more, games were made to be played!

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