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Posted on Oct 7th 2010 at 04:00:00 AM by (Marriott_Guy)
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Accessory Snapshot

The Pelican System Selector Pro
Switching Station

If you are an old school gamer like myself, it goes without saying that there is a significant need for additional standard def television inputs due to the large library of systems requiring this type of A/V connection.  Typically I'll play games across a variety of consoles - the last thing I want to do is mess around behind a TV switching out cords and the like.  The Pelican System Selector Pro was/is my salvation.

This device features an impressive 8 A/V (Composite / S-Video) and 3 Component inputs.  Additionally, there are three Ethernet ports for sharing a broadband connection between systems that utilize this technology.  One of the best features is the convenient front A/V ports (hidden by a concealed door) which allows quick access to plug in and play those 'occasional' systems in your collection. 

The performance is exceptional with both CRT and HD television sets.  I have never experienced degradation of signal nor lag time regardless of the what system(s) I have hooked up. Newer models come with a remote, but in all honesty I think this is pretty useless.  I greatly prefer the simple push-button method of selecting a system on my older model rather than trying to fuddle around looking for a remote. 

The Pelican System Selector Pro is not a small unit.  Measuring in at a healthy 9.5" D x 17.0" W x 2.5" means that you will have to allow some space in your display.  The design does meet industry standards, so this is a stackable unit with other components in your A/V rack.  Contrary to what may be initially communicated by the feel of the rather light weight, hard plastic chassis, this switcher has been extremely durable over the nine years that I have had it.  A customizable, lit name plate is located directly above each console/device that is connected to the Pelican System Selector Pro

Overall this is highly recommended for any gamer that has multiple systems they want to have connected to their TV.  If you want to spend more time on gaming rather than jockeying cables, the Pelican System Selector Pro is for you. 


Significantly frees up those precious ports on your TV by providing  8 A/V connection for your gaming systems

Built-in mini 'router' is extremely convenient for those that do not have access to a wireless environment


Plastic construction feels a little fragile, but I have had no issue with it at all over the 9+ years that I have had it.

Externally powered by an included AC adaptor, so you will need to free up a spot on that surge protector for this unit


What Switcher Do You Utilize? 
Share Your Thoughts & Suggestions with the RFG Community!!

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I'm beginning to think you're raiding my living room to make these reviews Wink

I've had two of these for many years, and I can confirm everything you've mentioned.  In fact, right now I have a 32" HD TV with this managing the audio and ethernet for a PS3 and Xbox 360 while the HDMI are directly into the TV.  The other systems on that setup include a 3DO, Jag CD, CDI, Master System, N64, and Dreamcast. 

There is one peculiar thing I've noticed with both of my system selector boxes.  If the power goes out (for example, when I tried turning on both PS3s on the same circuit and the breaker tripped >8^[  ) the box goes dead.  Won't light up or select anything.  It has to be manually restarted by unplugging the unit and plugging it back in.  Not that big of an issue, but the first time it happened I thought I ruined a $100 device.  Since then it has happened a few times to both of my system selectors, and both have to be restarted every time by unplugging them.  Just a heads up, not a dealbreaker.

Keep 'em coming, dude! 
I hear you on the SD inputs.  My gaming main gaming TV (that is, the television most of my consoles are hooked up to) has about 4 standard hookups (one in front and three in back), but over the last year one of the hookups has gone to the dogs (my precious front connector).  While this leaves me with three (more than most; my new HD only has one), they are all located in the back of the TV, which weighs about 250 pounds.  I have an old Radio Shack system selector, which got me through the nineties, but seeing this lovely piece of hardware...

I have one of those. It served me well when I was using it. Now sadly it is in storage.
I use my surround receiver (Denon AVR-2805) for system selection. The thing has a truckload of ports to make it easy to flip through systems with the remote. Coupling that with the RF and HDMI on my TV I have about 10 systems hooked up at the moment.
I've got a pair of those running my setup as well. They have worked flawlessly for years!
I would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys! Thanks for the idea. I too highly dislike messing around with wires galore behind the television.
That thing looks just like what I'd need! Awesome.
I've been rockin an Electrohome AV Selector for the last several years. Its only got 5 inputs, but its got 2 outputs so you can link to another TV if you like. Also has S-Vid for each input and doesnt need to be plugged in. I'd like to get a second one sometime soon though as I am a couple inputs short nowadays.

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