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Posted on Dec 10th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (MetalFRO)
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This is an interesting curio - Nail 'n Scale from Japanese developer I'Max, and published by Data East.  Originally released in 1990 in Japan as Dragon Tail, this unique puzzle platformer didn't make its way to Western shores for nearly a year and a half.  By the time the game was released in 1992, most developers had begun to really take advantage of the Game Boy's hardware capabilities.  Nail 'n Scale, however, still looks and plays like an early Game Boy title.  Does this ruin the game's chances of standing up against some of its then peers?  Watch the review, and decide for yourself!

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I'm not always a big fan of puzzle-platform games, but for whatever reason I find this game really entertaining.  I'm not sure how I would have felt about it in the mid 90's (when I started playing GB games), but I really like the nostalgia it brings.  While the grapjocs remind me of the GB Batman game, the gameplay makes me think of Famicom games from the mid 80's.  Overall, great game, and great review.
Looks a fun little game and that it would of held up on it's release.
@bombatomba: Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I was surprised how much the game grabbed me, and equally surprised by how much of a gut punch it becomes the last few levels.  Holy cow, are they ever brutal.  That said, it's definitely worth tracking down, if it can be had cheap.

@FatherJack: It is a fun game, and despite being nearly 2 years late to the party, I still think it was fun enough to hold up.  I'm not sure why Data East decided to license it and port it over here, but I'm glad they did.

Thanks for watching, gents!

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