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Posted on Jun 6th 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (MetalFRO)
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It's hard to believe that, only 1 year ago, the RF Generation Shmup Club was just ramping up, and starting our 2nd month. After playing various versions of R-Type throughout the month of May, we were beginning to jump into the original Gradius, and getting steeped in a couple classics of the shoot-em-up genre. As I reflect upon the past year, it's been an interesting ride. I never imagined I'd be doing this, but I'm glad I started it, and I'm even happier that it's taken off in such a big way.

By now, every here on RF Generation knows me as "the shmup guy" in many ways, and not just because of the Shmup Club. I joined the site back in November 2014, and jumped pretty quickly into the fray. I started cataloging my games right away, and really dug the database. But the forum, with the Community Playthrough, is what hooked me. I joined the November 2014 play-through of Super Metroid, and really enjoyed engaging with members on the forum. But the following month was what truly captivated me. Each December, the site runs a competition for the Community Playthrough, and December 2014 was tailor-made for me, as a shmup competition. I owned nearly all the shooters being showcased during the month, and ended up getting high scores in everything but Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. The resulting pictures I took, with the custom wrestling belt that was the prize, became my de facto avatar here on the site, and I use that picture everywhere.

I was pretty lukewarm on Raiden V after I first played it. Digging into the game
for the Shmup Club really made me appreciate its intricacies, and what it adds
to the original formula. I'm looking forward to the Nintendo Switch version.

Fast forward to early last year, and I had a conversation with singlebanana, where he encouraged me to start up another play-through, focused on shmups. It sounded like a good idea, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wanted to do it. I have been a fan of classic scrolling shoot-em-up games since I was a kid, and usually try and pop a quarter (or token) into one whenever I see an arcade cabinet. I go through times when I'm really hot on the genre, and actively playing the games, and others when I cool on it somewhat, and still buy and collect them, but focus on other game styles. It didn't take long for me to start thinking about doing a podcast, much like the Playcast, as a companion to this new play-through. Almost immediately, I began thinking of cool ideas for names, and seeking out an artist to make a logo.

The podcast hasn't quite reached a year old, since we recorded and released 2 episodes during August 2018, but after we caught up, we've been going strong. A big part of that is the participation we've had from, not only existing members, but also new members who have come to the site since we've started it up. Some of those new members came for the Shmup Club itself, and others have stumbled in and found it organically. Either way, seeing daily comments on the thread, seeing high scores posted, and reading all the impressions of each game, sharing strategies, etc. has really made me dig into this genre even more. For that, I'm grateful, and I thank every participant for helping to once again stoke the fire that has long burned for the shoot-em-up.

Crimzon Clover was a game I'd heard of, but didn't really know
enough about to appreciate. It became one of the biggest surprises
for me this past year, both in terms of how good the game truly is,
but also as far as how much I have enjoyed playing the game.

As I look toward the list of games picked out for the rest of the year, and what we've already discussed for 2020, I'm struck with an interesting duality of feelings. Part of me has an urgency to play each of these games, because there are so many more to play! The other part of me is happy to take my time, and really dig into each title, and let it soak in. Despite only focusing on each game for a month, it's enough time to learn about a game, and make a decision, as to whether or not it's something to put back on the shelf, or dig into further. I can play some games for a month, and put them away, happy to have had the experience, but secure in the knowledge that I've had my fill, and don't need to "get my money's worth" by continuing to play it. Other games captivate me, and despite being busy with work, and other endeavors, I know I'll return to some of these games again, and they'll once again pull me in, once I decide to go back.

Thank you again, to the RF Generation family, for putting up with all my shmuppery, and for giving me a home online to come to every night after the rigors of work wear me down. Thank you for hosting this silly gaming club, and for helping me start a podcast that I've become very proud of. Thank you for participating so far, and thank you for listening to me as I implore you to continue to do so. My hope is, from now, until mid-2020, we can bring in even more new faces to the site, expand the community's reach, and continue to follow the genre as it goes through its current renaissance. Knowing I had some tiny part to play in all that, will continue to make me smile.

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Wow, congrats guys! I can't believe it has already been a year.
Heeeeyyy! Congrats you guys! Smiley

The shmup club is was encouraged me to join this site and i really like it. Even though there's still much to explore. But i already started to catalogue my collection and hung out at the arcade a bit. And of course i enjoy the monthly playthroughs.

You guys are doing a great job with this, keep up the good work!
@zoydo: Speaking for our staff, we are very happy to have you here!  One of our main goals as podcasters on this site is to bring in more members.  Enjoy and please contact any of us with any questions or concerns.  Thank you. 
Congrats! Although I never participated for various reasons in the competition (hopefully that will change), I truly like to follow the comments and scores in the thread and watch your streams chasing your PBs. The shmup club is not only informative regarding the intricacies of a game, it just conveys what games are all about, namely fun and childlike experiences dealing with challenges.

Great job! Congratulations again!
Awesome stuff! Love the event, wish I owned all the titles but have enjoyed participating in the few that I have. Great community event. Hope to see it continue to flourish.
@Dingo: also, had no idea RDV was headed to switch. Hope it does well on the platform.
Congrats on the first year, and bringing lots of entertainment to all of the members. Here's to the second year!
@singlebanana: Thanks for helping nudge me in this direction!

@zoydo: So glad to have you on the site, and have you involved in the play-throughs! Your participation so far, especially with all the thoughts you've written in the monthly game posts, has helped give us more to discuss, which is what it's all about.

@lendelin: Thanks, lendelin! I appreciate you coming out to streams, and for your encouragement Cheesy

@Dingo: Thanks, Dingo! Your participation and support are very much appreciated. And yes, Raiden V on Switch, it's gonna rule!

@Duke.Togo: Thank you, good sir! I'm glad we're able to do this, and get so much traction so quickly. Thanks again for joining the podcast for an episode, watching the streams, and the encouragement. It's much appreciated.
@singlebanana and @MetalFRO: thank you! Smiley

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