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Posted on Sep 15th 2010 at 09:57:59 PM by (mrnintendo64guy)
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Sega Game Gear (not working)

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We always like to see pics, so you should toss some up if possible. Hyperscan is an interesting piece.
Hyperscan had tons of potential.

Then again so did the eReader. From what i gather it is the essentially same technology.
I never opened any of my Hyperscan stuff though so i am not sure... i just bought it all and stuck in in a closet.....
Crabmaster is right, we need some pics.

I use to see those hyperscans at Goodwill ALL THE TIME for dirt cheap.  I always thought I should buy one, but never did.
@Izret101: That's what I did too! It is interesting technology, but it was quickly relegated to the bargain bin because it's not a major gaming manufacturer (at least not since the Intellivision).
I'm sorry did you just say Intellivision counts as a major entry in gaming....
I never even heard of the intellivision until the late 90s early 00s
Intellivision is a major player in the history of gaming.    With their comparative "coke vs. pepsi" advertising style, the graphics that wiped the floor with the 2600, the voice module - the list goes on.    Unfortunately the videogame oversaturation and crash of 1984-5 shortened what probably could have been a long run in games for Mattel.    You can put the Colecovision in this same category - at the time this console was the envy of the neighborhood!    But finance and greed killed them off as well.    Ah, too bad.
Pics please.

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