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With useful features such as backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, etc. Ahref is loved by many businesses and digital marketing experts. Because these are extremely important uses in search engine optimization.

So what are you waiting for without reading Ahref user guide to your SEO campaign successfully! ahrefs group buy

Ahref is Big Data - a large, complex, high-speed data source (second only to google).
Not only that, Ahref is also known as a backlink research tool that SEO experts often use in analyzing competitors, keyword research, link building, ...

Ahref's horizontal bar includes the following:

Dashboard: displays strength indicators of your website, customer website or rival web.
Referring Pages: The number of web pages that redirect.
Total Backlinks: The amount of backlinks pointing back.
Referring IPs: The amount of IP redirected.
Referring Subnets: The amount of Subnet redirected.
Referring Domain: The amount of Domain redirected.
Governmental: The number of pages with the tail .GOV pointing to
Educational: Number of pages with .EDU extension pointing back, similar to .Com, .Net, .Org pages
Alert: setting to receive notice of change of backlink, keyword rankings via email
Site Explorer: check parameters Organic Keywords, Organic Traffics, Backlinks, Ahrefs Rank, Url rating, Domain Rating, Referring Domain, Paid Keyword.
Content Explorer: supports finding articles with the most shares on social networks. Each post is 1 keyword
Keywords Explorer: test, research and track keyword rankings.
Rank Tracker: track keyword rankings
Site Audit: helps detect and handle technical errors of the website
Tools: contains other small tools at no cost or with use.
Dashboard - Overview of projects
In the "Dashboard" section
Enter 1 URL or 1 domain name in the search box
Click "Search".
Alert - Receive notifications when there are new updates
Click Alert.
Enter the domain name or URL into the "Domain or URL" box (up to 3 domains)
In Scope: select Mode - type of backlink report
At Recipients: enter up to 3 different email addresses to receive reports
Choose the time period to receive the report (by week or by month).
Site Explorer - Research in detail any domain or URL
Go to Site Explorer, enter the domain name or URL into the search bar. The results returned correspond to the indicators: Ahref Rank, UR, DR, Backlinks, Referring domains, Organic keywords, Organic traffic and Paid Keywords.

Ahref Rank: index of websites worldwide according to Ahrefs
UR: the rank of each path increases on a scale from 1 to 100.
DR: ranking of each domain name on a scale of increasing from 1 to 100.
Note: the number of backlinks will affect the UR and DR. The more backlinks, the higher the quality, the higher the DR and UR.

Backlink: click on the biggest number to see what links your website has. Most backlinks are from anchor text at the bottom of the page. Backlinks with dashes are links in the comments.
Live index: the amount of backlinks at the present time.
Fresh index: including the Live index and backlinks removed in the last 3 months. Moreover, when you click on the Fresh index item, you can search for lost, pushed backlinks.
Organic Traffics: statistics of website visitors in 1 month - the most important end goal of a website
Organic Keywords: statistics of the top 100 keywords on the search results page. And you can also see the keyword details here.
KD (Keyword difficulty): easy or difficult rank of keywords on a scale of 1 to 100. That means keywords with KD = 0 will easily top.
Symbols between the Keyword and Volume columns: appear the search engine results page
Column Overview
Is the left menu bar, including the following items:

Backlink profile: identify links that are missing or broken to rebuild the link source.
Organic Search: including New Keywords used to optimize articles, increase rankings on search engines and Top Pages - pages in the top search results
Top pages: check and optimize the article in the page
Outgoing links: Help to remove outbound links of poor quality and with errors
Content Explorer
Here, enter the subject in the search bar, you can find the most shared article on social networks for a specific keyword.

However, these articles can be top thanks to buying shares ahrefs account on here or getting support from virtual software. Therefore, you should use Ahrefs' indexes in combination with contemplative visualization to evaluate the top quality of the post.

Keyword Explorer
Used for keyword analysis, you can search up to 250 keywords at a time

Select the country and enter the keywords in the search box.

The results returned will have the following two parts:

Generally (Overview): includes Keyword Difficulty, Search volume indicators (average number of searches per month), With clicks (click through rate), Without clicks (click-through rate), Return rate (probability of repetition) again), Clicks (number of entries), Click / search (number of clicks / searches).
But according to the c

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