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Posted on Feb 1st 2011 at 04:35:54 PM by (singlebanana)
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As many of you know, I typically blog about 2600 games, but my other passion is collecting for the Vectrex.  For those of you who are also enthusiasts, I just wanted to send out some updates regarding the Vectrex community for anyone who might be interested.

John Dondzila is still going strong and creating some great games for the Vectrex at:

Fury Unlimited is still putting out a few good homebrews:

Vectrexians (a Galaxian clone) is now available for order and a few other homebrews are currently in development.  Vectrexians comes with a box and an overlay:

It appears that the RecycledGamer is putting together some more homebrew lightpens for sale (see post dated 1/26/2011).  AtariAge members were picking them up earlier for only $35!!!!  A considerable discount considering the original pens sell for a few hundred.  A buddy and I are currently working on creating some light pens just for fun, but they will be no where near the quality of these.  Stay tuned:  http://www.atariage.com/f...d05dea8716720b5e30303702f

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I do so love my Vectrex.  It's perfect for the gaming collector:  Hard to find one working and in good shape, original titles, very unique (I still find the graphical effects of a vector monitor to be quite impressive,) an active homebrew community, and best of all, many of the games are a ton of fun!

If you've never seen one in person, videos don't do them justice:  you have to be able to see the scaling in person, and feel the tight controls of games like Minestorm, Hyperchase, and Web Wars.

I'd give up most of my collection before the Vectrex stuff.  Smiley
I played on a Vectrex years ago. It was wicked awesome.
It is something i have on a like to own list.
@Izret101: You should really move this system up on your priority list and try to find one.  It's such a cool piece to own and is a lot of fun to collect for.  When my friends come over, they all want to see it in action and end up playing it for hours.  The way the controller snaps into the system is really neat and it's just an awesome piece to look at.  Most of the games are fairly reasonable to own (with the exception of rare titles like Pole Position, Polar Rescue, and a few of the 3-D games) and homebrews are readily available.  Accessories are very expensive (3-D Imager, light pen, additional controllers), but not really necessary to enjoy the system. But what really separates the system from others are the cool overlays, which most of the games have, that fit over the screen.  As slackur noted, the controls are really amazing for such an old system and you have to try one out to really appreciate it.  If you ever consider buying one online, let me know.  I know a good deal about them and what questions might be helpful to ask a seller.
@Izret101:But there is no achievements Tongue
Trust me, finding one of these and building a decent library is a MUCH greater achievement than grinding Avatar for gamerscore. Wink

If it helps, you could always make that 'ba-dip' sound when you get Mine Storm at a high enough level to glitch Cheesy
Currently on a maiden voyage with a buddy to create Vectrex/Genesis controllers and light pens.  Wish us luck.

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