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Posted on Mar 20th 2011 at 11:57:19 PM by (singlebanana)
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This weekend I had my best score to date and I felt like I needed to share the excitement with my fellow members of RFGeneration. 

I was out of town visiting my in-laws this weekend and thought that I would ride out Saturday morning to a local flea market and game store to see what I could pick up.  My brother-in-law, who is several years younger, but a gamer himself, decided to go with me for fun.  At the flea market, I picked up a few SNES games for $3 each: Shooting Range, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Home Alone 2: Lost in NY, and the Addams Family.  I also grabbed a copy of Spankys Quest (GB) for $3, which was quite a steal in itself, but I also picked up a sweet pong console, a very nice original Ricochet system, for only $15.  Usually, thats a pretty great day in my area and we decided to return home quite satisfied.

One the way home, I decided to stop at a retro game store to check for a few games, but I knew I probably wouldnt find much, since they have tons of NES title, but they tend to be a little overpriced (typically $5-$10 for more common titles).  Anyway, I guy came into the store to sell some games and systems and all I hear was him say, Ive got some old systems for sale, and it was followed by, Well, were not buying any old stuff at this time, just PS3 and 360 titles.  I waited for the guy to take the stuff back out to the car that he had brought it and as he was leaving with the last box, I literally shadowed him back to the car.  I asked about what he had and he told me that he had several systems, including a 3DO and a Jaguar, which not having either, I was very interested in.  As I asked about the system, his wife who was in the car, said that they would prefer to get rid of all of it and what would I offer.  I told them that I really didnt have a price in mind and what would they take for it.  She said, How about $40.I literally had to contain my excitement, softly replied, Okay and opened the trunk.  What I am about to list next is not fiction, but the actual items that he stuffed in my brother-in-laws car for a mere $40:

Panasonic 3DO (with two controllers and all hook-ups)
3DO games:  Shock Wave (boxed, no manual), Way of the Warrior (CIB), Killing Time (CIB), Phoenix3 (CIB), Waialae Country Club (CIB), Road & Track: The Need For Speed (disc), Gex (CIB), Ballz: The Directors Cut (CIB), Samurai Shodown (disc), Super Street Fighter II Turbo (CIB), Primal Rage (CIB), Dragons Lair (CIB), 3DO Sampler CD (loose).

Atari Jaguar (with one controller and all hookups)
Game: Kasumi Ninja (loose)

2  Sega Genesis Model 1s (all hookups 3 controllers)
1  Sega Genesis Model 2 (all hookups)
2  Sega Genesis 32X add ons (all hookups)
1  Sega CD base add on (all hookups)
1 - Sega Saturn (2 controllers, all hookups)

Genesis Games: Sonic 2 (1 CIB, 2 loose), NBA Jam (loose), Taz: In Escape From Mars (CIB), Tiny Toon Adventures: Busters Hidden Treasure (CIB), Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers (CIB), Olympic Gold  Barcelona 92 (CIB), Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpys Invention (1 CIB, 1 box only), Toe Jam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron
32X Games: Doom (CIB), Knuckles Chaotix (CIB).
Sega CD games: Ecco the Dolphin (CIB) and Mortal Kombat (box and manual only), Sonic CD (loose).
Sega Dreamcast Games: NBA 2K (loose), NFL 2K (loose), WWF Attitude (CIB), WWF Royal Rumble (loose).

NES games: Super Mario Bros. 2 (loose), Castlevania III (loose), 2 copies of SMB/Duck Hunt/WC Track Meet (loose), Mike Tysons Punch Out (loose), Shooting Range (loose)

SNES games: Killer Instinct (CIB, w/o music CD), rest are loose  Final Fight, Cool Spot, Stunt Race, Super Mario All-Stars, Lemmings, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, NBA Jam TE.   

N64  Diddy Kong Racing (game and manual), Golden Eye.
Loose Jumper Pack

Gamecube  Metroid Prime (CIB, with Echoes bonus disc), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (CIB), Shadow the Hedgehog (CIB), Tony Hawks Underground 2 (CIB).

X-Box System (all hookups, 1 controller)
Games  Gun (CIB), Hitman (no manual), Midway Treasures 2 (CIB)
X-Box 360  Hitman: Blood Money (CIB)

PS1 games: NFL Blitz (loose)
PS2 games: NBA Street GH (CIB), Madden 08 (CIB), Twisted Metal Black (CIB), Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (no manual), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (CIB), Power Drome (SEALED), Guitar Hero II (no manual), Backyard Wrestling: Dont Try This at Home (CIB), The Sims (CIB), Area-51 (CIB), Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance GH (CIB), Manhunt (CIB), God of War (no manual), Shellshock: Nam 67 (CIB), The Punisher (CIB), and Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots (no manual).

DVDs: Scary Movie 3, Matrix Revolutions, Freddy vs. Jason, Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad, Midnight Street Racing

And finally.a few ICP CDs and an 8-Mile Soundtrack CD.

Honestly, as the guy was helping me load all of this into my trunk, my brother-in-law and I just couldnt help giving each other looks as the stuff just kept coming and coming.  The guy and his wife seemed very pleased with the transaction and told me that they were putting it toward a Wii for their son.  Im sure the guys who work in the classic gaming store would slap the hell out of themselves if they knew what I got for all of this stuff just for asking what they wanted for it.  Please check my sale list on the forums once I have it updated, since some of this (mainly the PS2, Sega Genesis, and some Xbox and GC games will be put up for trade or sale.  I can put up some pics if anyone is interested.

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Wow, that is a crazy find. At that price the only thing I'd worry about may be that it is stolen. Congrats on some great pickups, and it's always great when you can get things you want, sell the rest and come out way ahead.
That was epic!! Cant say I've come across a deal quite that good before. I would have been all over that too. You can easily make your money back and keep a whole bunch of awesome stuff. I wish visiting my in-laws was that much fun.
Ridiculous find.
As usual, I'm up for trading if I have anything you're interested in anymore Smiley
Wow, now this is a blog-worthy find!!!
I worked on separating/identifying all of the hookups last night and I definitely have several extra cords for various systems that I'll be able to sell off as well.

@Duke.Togo: I'm actually not concerned that the stuff is stolen.  The guy was with his wife and kid and he was a talker and told me when and how he bought all of the stuff.  He knew way too much about it for it to be stolen.  He just wanted to buy a Wii for his kid and he is now addicted to WoW, so he's not playing anything but that.  I've been down that road (almost 3 years sober), so I get it.

@Shadow Kisuragi: I have updated my sale list on the forums, so check it out.  If there are any 2600, 5200, or NES games that I don't have, I'd be interested in a trade.  Also looking for a 2-pot 5200 system.
Wow, very nice!  That was an awesome find!
Wow $40 bucks was a steal.  A lot of great stuff. 
in 2011 $$$ nice

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