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Posted on Aug 13th 2003 at 07:00:00 PM by (singlebanana)
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I promised an update about how the Cleveland Classic Console and Arcade Gaming Show (CCAG) inaugural Test Station went.

OK, so the headline answers the question.  We were so busy, I forgot to get pictures!  (The top one is a snap from the CCAG Facebook page.)  Two tables, eight TVs (A mix of CRT and LCD), twenty different systems (although there were still three that were requested during the show that we didn't bring), and six people running the station (including fellow RFGener Zophar53,, who kindly volunteered) and we were still talking about expansion for next year.  It wasn't overwhelming though, just consistent, and everyone seemed kind and patient.  We tested systems, games, cords, and even helped confirm the legitimacy of a few expensive carts by opening them and looking inside.

Highlights included trying to help a kiddo who probably wasn't over 12 fix his TI-99 and Coleco, both that he brought from home and had been playing until they conked out.  We didn't get either up and running, but did hopefully point in the right direction about how and what to replace.  It delighted me to see someone in that age bracket playing old, obscure gaming systems for fun and not just novelty. 

A few vendors also came over to test their wares, and I lost count of the times I overheard something along the lines of, "why hasn't this been a thing all along?!"  We did hear about one other convention that had a testing station, although the vendor charged a couple bucks per game to test.  Considering that would double the cost of the majority of games I typically buy, I can see why offering to test for free is significant.  It is a lot of work but in the end it was well worth it.

The show itself was excellent as always, and I probably saved a ton by not having time to shop all day.  I did snag a synth cart for C64 for music makin', a re-traced Virtual Boy, a back-up Vectrex and multicart, a cool Smash Bros. sign (that attendees kept trying to buy from our table after it was purchased) and a few other odds and ends.

Thanks again to Zophar53 or his kind help, and to Dave and Christy Paradiso, our good friend Jonathan Huntt, and of course my Beloved wife for making it all happen.  Hopefully, this will be the first of many great years helping out the retro gaming community!


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